Happy Birthday, Dassa! 5-4-3

Exactly four years ago, I was just hours away from delivering my third daughter.  I have a number "thing," and I was being induced (that is an entirely different story!) so I chose 5-4-3 as her birth date.  I had no idea whether Dassa was going to be a boy or girl and I certainly did not care.  I just wanted the healthy variety.  Where on Earth does the time go?  Four years ago, her proud big sisters were running, yelling, jubilantly anticipating the birth of their new sibling.  That excitement still hasn’t worn away, believe it or not.  Tater and Pit-Pat still love their "baby" sister (don’t ever call her a baby though, unless you’re her momma!) and still report to me all the cute things she’s doing, or the cute thing she just said.  And Dassa is CUTE.  She has enthusiasm for everything, and does this adorable little jumpy-twirl thing every time something is even remotely exciting.  She is my baby.  I love her soooooo much.  And she’s four.  Please indulge my photo session as I captured the birthday girl creating a self-portrait.  She can also be seen wearing the crown she got at school.  And, finally, the last photo is Dassa’s self-portrait.  Happy Birthday, Dassa!!!

135_3513 135_3514 135_3515_2 135_3519 135_3521 135_3522


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