A Visit with Hitty

What a beautiful day it is today!  Hittys Apple and Fifer are out and about in the garden today, researching where they will plant their miniature (as in Hitty-scaled) garden.  They find a baby tree, which looks nice…but this "research" quickly degenerates into tree-climbing.  All Hittys are prone to this, I have found.  If a Hitty is missing, check the trees first before panicking.

Here are Hitty Apple and Hitty Fifer with the baby tree (weed?) they have discovered…


And here is Hitty Primrose!  Always the lady, she is wearing proper sun-protection!  Her PINK dress was made by Carol Marr.  Thank you, Carol!  Her hat is by Julie "Old-Crow" and features PINK flowers.  Primrose only wears PINK…


Hitty Apple and Hitty Fifer are tired of research.  They don’t care where the garden goes, as long as it happens!  So, they tree-climb.  As I said, it is a GORGEOUS day…


Hitty Primrose is prone to a bit of tree-climbing herself.  Especially if the tree has flowers of the PINK variety…


I hope you enjoyed today’s visit with the Maxwell Hittys!


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