“Staying at Home”

I have always wanted to be a HOMEMAKER.  Always.  But how did I get here, and how do we make it on one income?


Well, before children, and even during Tater’s first year of life, we were pretty much a two-income family.  I hated it.  I just couldn’t bear going to work and leaving my precious angel behind for someone else to care for.  It broke my heart and I cried about it every day.  Every day.

I always knew I wanted to be an at-home mother.  But Dan just didn’t see how we could make it without my meager income.  Looking back, we both realize it was his fear of being the "Breadwinner" of the family that kept him from being entirely enthusiastic about me becoming a "homemaker."  And I know he  still worries about it.  It’s a great deal of pressure to provide for a family of five, plus two dogs and a fish!  Yikes.  It does worry me as well to think about it…and all the "what ifs" that go along with it.  But it is the best decision we have made (aside from getting married and having children) EVER!


Being a "single income" family is freedom.

Freedom to not have to worry about who will sacrifice less at work by staying home with a sick child.

Freedom to be EASILY able to pick up a child from school when the nurse calls.

Freedom to focus on the HOME and FAMILY, without any outside commitments (job-stuff) pulling you away.

Freedom to run errands while the children are at school so that the weekends can be free for FAMILY and FRIENDS.

Freedom to be at home when you are expecting a delivery/repairman/whatever "between 9am and 1pm." 

Freedom from worrying about who’s turn it is to do what at home.  Now that I am a "Homemaker", the roles are pretty traditional here.  Dan is good though…he does all the grocery shopping.  And cooks from time-to-time.  Roles are traditional, yet respectful.


When I first left my paying job, it was an adjustment, I must say.  But I was soooooo happy to be HOME that I would have done just about anything to make it happen.  We sold my new car and purchased a used one with cash.  We refinanced to get a better rate on our mortgage.  We stopped using the credit card to buy things.  Using only cash definitely helps us to stay within budget.  I also have a very generous mother.  A HUGE bonus.  She loves to buy the girls shoes and clothes.  (And toys…though I wish she would cut back on that.)  We don’t take super-fancy vacations.  We don’t buy new furniture.  (We got our living room couch when the new neighbors couldn’t fit it in the doorway of their house.)  Now that they are older, the girls ask family members for money on their Birthdays and at Christmas to help pay for Summer Camp.  Our family is all too happy to oblige, as Camp is so much more meaningful than some plastic something that will end up forgotten or thrown out.  I am sure there are many other ways we economize…but it isn’t sacrificing to me.

Shortly after I had left my job to become a Homemaker, I ran into a neighbor who had her first child around the same time I had Tater.  She knew I had gone back to work and was floored when I told her I had recently quit.  "You STINKER!" was her (odd) response.  "I highly recommend it," was my (rude?  oops.) answer.  She then went on (and on and on…) about how there was NO WAY she could afford it.  Oh, I felt guilty.  And privileged.  How did I get so lucky?!  I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.  Poor soul really wanted to be home with her family, but there would be NO WAY to make ends meet.  Oh, so sad for her.


Very shortly thereafter, I saw her driving a very nice, brand new car.


Staying home is often a choice.  Yes, there are lifestyle changes.  Yes, there are sacrifices.  Yes, you will have to give up some THINGS.  But you are saying yes to your FAMILY and yes to your HOME.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Must go now.  Have to say a prayer that my husband stays healthy and keeps his job….


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  1. YOu certainly have your priorities right!!!

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