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Okay, I think I’m Freaking Out!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 24, 2007 by Hitty Jean

My "babies" watch limited t.v.  The rule this summer is, "No t.v. until 5pm."  (Then, I try to keep them busy so they don’t notice that it actually is after 5 pm.)  I’d really like to get back to the whole NO television thing.  But my "babies" are older and admittedly, I like the down time.  And whatever…I have a love~hate relationship with the darned t.v. 

Now, the computer, I don’t feel I have had to limit.  They don’t spend much time on it, and I pretty much only let them on Webkinz.  (Or so I thought…) 

Imagine my shock, horror, laughter and then panic when I discovered that someone had been searching the Internet for a male part of the anatomy.  (Misspelled, which made me laugh-out loud.)  I know which of the big girls is an excellent speller and which isn’t.  And Dassa doesn’t spell…yet. 

I am not ready to deal with this stuff.  And MY girls would never be up to such mischief.  Not my dear, sweet little girls.  Must have been an intruder.

Oh, help me!


A Visit with Hitty

Posted in Uncategorized on June 22, 2007 by Hitty Jean

Some of the Hittys also vacationed in Maine this past week.  Miss VanDroo and Flicka Lindman took Sissy Sara and Bitty Clarabelle along.  Miss VanDroo enjoyed the ocean view while Sissy Sara and Clarabelle built a sandcastle.  Actually, Sissy Sara just bossed while Clarabelle did all the work:


Miss VanDroo was delighted when a crab crawled up to pay a visit.  Sissy Sara was sure it meant to pinch her:


Flicka gazed out at the ocean.  "Our Roots are in Maine, girls."


Later, Flicka Lindman set off on her own.  The scent of wild roses was everywhere:


Flicka did a bit of window shopping.  Here, she was gazing into the window of the Goldenrod, where they have been making salt water taffy for over 100 years!


Flicka also enjoyed her very own Root Beer Float.  (Just don’t tell those Bittys!!!)


It was a lovely vacation!

Back from Maine…

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Just got back from a short trip to Maine with the girls and my Mom.  We had perfect weather, and since the Summer season has yet to get into full swing, we missed the crowds.  Thanks, Mom!

Mom and Tater at the Goldenrod:


The girls loved the beach:


I don’t know if it is true for everyone, but my three girls are always happy at the beach.  They can keep themselves entertained for hours:


They also had a terrific time on the rocks near Nubble Light.  It was all I could do to get them to slow down for a picture:


The time came to go home, and Pit~Pat conned Grandma into taking her to "the rocks" one last time.  No one else wanted to go, so we all complained heartily as I drove us towards them.  BUT…when Pits and I got out of the car, there was all this excitement–a SEAL was sunning itself on the rocks!  What’s the fastest way to clear out a car?  "Come see the SEAL!!!"  Of course, then a Seal-And-Rock-Climbing-Fest began and lasted quite a while.  Thanks, Pit~Pat, for being so stubborn about going back to the rocks!  The picture below shows Tater, Pit~Pat and the SEAL!  :o)


It was a good three days!

A Visit with Hitty

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The Bitty-Hittys are off to CIRCUS CAMP!!!  This morning, Hitty Neckling (carved by Esther Robertson) bade a fond farewell to Itty-Bitty Peanut and Bitty Early-Tulip (both carved by Sara Cole.)  Hitty Neckling gave a last-minute lecture on manners and proper behavior…all Peanut really wanted was a hug:


Then, it was time to get "wrapped up!"  Peanut went first, and held on tight to her clown doll.  Early-Tulip had her Troll to bring along:


Hitty Neckling put the finishing touches on the package, and off to the Postal Bus they went!


Hopefully, Peanut and Early-Tulip won’t forget to write home!!!

Up To My Eyeballs in Mold!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 12, 2007 by Hitty Jean

Oh, my!  It was Tater and Pit~Pat’s last day of school today!  We got lunch from their favorite Delicatessen, ate and chatted at the dining room table, and for the rest of the day, they have played together…happily…without bickering!!!  Dassa was in the thick of it for a while, but she had a late night last night and the poor little one tuckered out.


Thank goodness everyone was playing harmoniously. 

BECAUSE…in the meantime…I have been trying to figure out what on EARTH the black, sticky, has to be scrubbed off BY HAND stuff is…the stuff that my dishwasher periodically spits out onto entire, usually large, loads of dishes.  It’s MOLD.  LOTS of mold.  In every imaginable orifice of the dishwasher, there is MOLD.  WHY didn’t I figure this out sooner?  I thought maybe the drain was clogged and periodically spit out rotted food.  I was almost right, but it is spitting out MOLD!  When I realized the extent of the dishwasher mold issue, I dove right in…figuratively and (sorry to say) literally.  I tried TANG.  Nope.  BLEACH.  Nope.  PAPER TOWELS DOUSED IN DILUTED BLEACH.  Nope.  Q-TIPS.  Nope.  TOOTHPICKS.  Nope.  Then I started to unscrew the inside of the door.  Went great, until the last darn screw was apparently too full of MOLD to accept a screwdriver properly.  Apparently, this is petrified mold in this screw.  I never did get it out.  Sooooo….there sits the dishwasher, and my counter is covered with dirty dishes.  My garbage can and dishwasher are full of mold.  I washed all the dishes by hand, and, clever me, used the dishwasher rack for drying the dishes.  This took all afternoon, but I wasn’t done.  I hate mold now. 


I was on a mission. I got it off of the side of the fridge…(which is next to the dishwasher.)  I cleaned off the moldy, grimy underside of the fridge.  I cleaned the top of the fridge.  Then I marched upstairs with my diluted bleach and I tried to get the mold off of the Maytag Neptune.  No luck.  Darn thing has a rubber "washer" in front that breeds mold like there is no tomorrow.  Not a good thing.  So…we need a new dishwasher, a new "washer" for the clothes washer…AND the dryer is making a horrible noise that is so loud, Dassa told me that it makes her go "up and down" when it starts.


I must thank whoever was watching over me today.  Did I mention that Tater and Pit~Pat have gotten along ALL DAY.  They are STILL getting along!  AND…my new camera is here!  AND…I am taking the girls to Bugaboo Creek for dinner.  Sorry Dan.  You could come…but that boat needs more work.  Actually, he doesn’t care for Bugaboo, so he won’t mind.  And the boat is worth a post all of its own!   

Tomorrow I can photograph my Hittys!  With my NEW CAMERA!  YIPPEE!  Oh…and deal with mold.

It’s still sinking in…

Posted in Uncategorized on June 7, 2007 by Hitty Jean

I can’t believe I lost my camera.  I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I’m typing about losing my camera.  It really happened.  Somewhere next to the John Hancock in Boston.    You see, we were on this Great Adventure with some neighborhood friends.  The big girls had skipped school and we had gone to see the Knight Bus!  (Those who know Harry Potter know what I mean…)  The next door neighbor’s kiddo managed to lose her camera somewhere around the time we got off the train.  Despite a good search, it wasn’t found.  I gave her a lovely lecture: "These things happen…maybe the station will call…you just have to use this as a learning experience…blah, blah…"  Well, then I was the ONLY one with a camera.  I became photographer extraordinaire!  I was on a ROLL…we had the GREATEST pictures.  And I’m not just saying that.  You can ask any of the several victims people we stopped that day and asked to take our picture.  Some time soon after I (bragged?) about making a slide show of our outing, I discovered that my camera was gone.  It had vanished.  No one believed me.  But it was.  I can’t believe it.  I lost all those wonderful pictures.  Pit~Pat cried about losing the pictures.  I felt terrible.  I’m not sure which I was more upset about…the camera or the chip inside with ALL THE PICTURES!  Well, let’s just say that then I had to do my best to model appropriate behavior for the neighbor’s kiddo.  These things happen, you know…maybe it will turn up…I’ll just have to use this as a learning experience.  Blah.  How can I live without a camera?  I can’t.  So, whereas the neighbor’s kiddo has to suffer, camera-less, until next Christmas, for Pete’s sake…I am an adult!  And I can handle this crisis in an ADULT MANNER!  So…I logged on to Amazon the next morning and got a great bargain on a Canon.  Really, Dan.  It was a STEAL!  I swear!  And you know that eight hundred dollar camera I wanted so desperately?  Maybe we should wait another year, until I prove myself worthy.  Sigh.  Gotta go now and figure out a groovy lanyard for my new camera.  And print out an address label.  Maybe I’ll do it for the neighbor’s kiddo, too.  I’ll just have to use this as a learning experience.  Blah.

Walking through the neighborhood…

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Pit~Pat came along on my morning walk and we admired all the different architecture in our neighborhood:







Pit~Pat and I were also admiring the beautiful, centuries old Beech Trees that dot our hill.  Eight year-old Pit~Pat is standing near some at Walnut Hill.  You can get an idea of how HUGE they are.  I love them:



Hey!  Who lives here?!?






The window box is actually growing…