Up To My Eyeballs in Mold!

Oh, my!  It was Tater and Pit~Pat’s last day of school today!  We got lunch from their favorite Delicatessen, ate and chatted at the dining room table, and for the rest of the day, they have played together…happily…without bickering!!!  Dassa was in the thick of it for a while, but she had a late night last night and the poor little one tuckered out.


Thank goodness everyone was playing harmoniously. 

BECAUSE…in the meantime…I have been trying to figure out what on EARTH the black, sticky, has to be scrubbed off BY HAND stuff is…the stuff that my dishwasher periodically spits out onto entire, usually large, loads of dishes.  It’s MOLD.  LOTS of mold.  In every imaginable orifice of the dishwasher, there is MOLD.  WHY didn’t I figure this out sooner?  I thought maybe the drain was clogged and periodically spit out rotted food.  I was almost right, but it is spitting out MOLD!  When I realized the extent of the dishwasher mold issue, I dove right in…figuratively and (sorry to say) literally.  I tried TANG.  Nope.  BLEACH.  Nope.  PAPER TOWELS DOUSED IN DILUTED BLEACH.  Nope.  Q-TIPS.  Nope.  TOOTHPICKS.  Nope.  Then I started to unscrew the inside of the door.  Went great, until the last darn screw was apparently too full of MOLD to accept a screwdriver properly.  Apparently, this is petrified mold in this screw.  I never did get it out.  Sooooo….there sits the dishwasher, and my counter is covered with dirty dishes.  My garbage can and dishwasher are full of mold.  I washed all the dishes by hand, and, clever me, used the dishwasher rack for drying the dishes.  This took all afternoon, but I wasn’t done.  I hate mold now. 


I was on a mission. I got it off of the side of the fridge…(which is next to the dishwasher.)  I cleaned off the moldy, grimy underside of the fridge.  I cleaned the top of the fridge.  Then I marched upstairs with my diluted bleach and I tried to get the mold off of the Maytag Neptune.  No luck.  Darn thing has a rubber "washer" in front that breeds mold like there is no tomorrow.  Not a good thing.  So…we need a new dishwasher, a new "washer" for the clothes washer…AND the dryer is making a horrible noise that is so loud, Dassa told me that it makes her go "up and down" when it starts.


I must thank whoever was watching over me today.  Did I mention that Tater and Pit~Pat have gotten along ALL DAY.  They are STILL getting along!  AND…my new camera is here!  AND…I am taking the girls to Bugaboo Creek for dinner.  Sorry Dan.  You could come…but that boat needs more work.  Actually, he doesn’t care for Bugaboo, so he won’t mind.  And the boat is worth a post all of its own!   

Tomorrow I can photograph my Hittys!  With my NEW CAMERA!  YIPPEE!  Oh…and deal with mold.


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