Okay, I think I’m Freaking Out!!!

My "babies" watch limited t.v.  The rule this summer is, "No t.v. until 5pm."  (Then, I try to keep them busy so they don’t notice that it actually is after 5 pm.)  I’d really like to get back to the whole NO television thing.  But my "babies" are older and admittedly, I like the down time.  And whatever…I have a love~hate relationship with the darned t.v. 

Now, the computer, I don’t feel I have had to limit.  They don’t spend much time on it, and I pretty much only let them on Webkinz.  (Or so I thought…) 

Imagine my shock, horror, laughter and then panic when I discovered that someone had been searching the Internet for a male part of the anatomy.  (Misspelled, which made me laugh-out loud.)  I know which of the big girls is an excellent speller and which isn’t.  And Dassa doesn’t spell…yet. 

I am not ready to deal with this stuff.  And MY girls would never be up to such mischief.  Not my dear, sweet little girls.  Must have been an intruder.

Oh, help me!


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