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Six Summers Ago…

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In June of 2001, my mother (known to the girls as *Pawbee*) took us on our first GIRLS ONLY trip.  I was as nervous as heck.  Her big idea, you see, was to take me and my two (!) girls on a cruise to Bermuda.  She had offered to take us the Summer before, as well.  Scaredy cat me, I thought she was mad!  But in 2001, we went.  It was great!  The girls loved it, I loved it, and Pawbee loved it.  We have gone on a GIRLS ONLY trip every Summer since.  Back to Bermuda, to Sanibel Island and to Myrtle Beach…Lucky for Dassa, she wasn’t born a boy, or I’m not sure what we’d do with "him" while we were gone!  (Just kidding…)

I can’t believe that first trip was six years ago.  But the pictures don’t lie:



Awww…I love my babies…


Another Dinner on Another Hot Summer Night

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Tater helped me with dinner tonight.  When we sat down, there were placecards and this sign:


So, So Rainy!

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We have had some pretty fierce Summer storms these last few days.  One actually resulted in many trees down and power outages.  Exciting stuff when you’re four years-old and no one is using any electricity at night.  "Aren’t you going to turn the lights on, mom?"  Followed the next evening with: "Are we going to use just candles this night?"

A wonderful Summer rain is pouring down on us right now.  I noticed Pit~Pat had escaped to the outdoors and was thoroughly enjoying a soaking wet romp.  I grabbed an umbrella and headed out to see what fun I might be missing.  Despite the umbrella, I got soaked!


"Look, Mommy!  This is how I stay dry!"  (Dry??)


We live on a hill and we always get this great downhill stream on the road when it POURS:


Well, I am soaked to the bone.  Gotta go change my clothes!

A Visit with Hitty…When Fate Intervenes

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Hitty Fifer says a fond farewell to Hitty Primrose.  Hitty Primrose had wanted to go to Camp Piney Woods this summer, but her pegs are too wobbly.


Hitty Apple tells Hitty Maple about her upcoming trip.  It sounds exciting!


Apple and Maple are waiting with the blossom food for Fifer’s pet she is taking along to camp.  They think three or four should be enough for a short trip on the Postal Bus.  Miss VanDroo and Clarabelle have also come out to say Goodbye to Hitty Fifer:


Here she is!  She has her swaps, and Splinters the Dog is trailing behind:


Bye, Hitty Fifer!  Have a WONDERFUL time at camp!  Be sure to write!!!


Surprisingly, just a short while later, Hitty Fifer is back.  There has been an accident, and Hitty Fifer has lost her thumb!!!  The Hittys are all in a tizzy!  Hitty Fifer is stunned, but calm.


WHO will go to camp???  Miss VanDroo and Hitty Maple want to stay at home, Sissy Sara and Chocolate~Chip~Cookie have had second thoughts about going, Hitty Apple has a trip planned, poor Hitty Primrose and her pegs, and  Cherry~Merry is in Maine.  That leaves…


Dinner on a Hot Summer Night…

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Compelling Reasons

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The Big Girls are lobbying to Homeschool.  I am *almost* all for it.  Dan needs more convincing.  We have traveled this path before, when we Homeschooled Tater in 3rd Grade.  Pit~Pat has wanted to be Homeschooled ever since and I have always had a few rules about it…Steps, if you will, that must be completed, before my complete approval is given:

  1. Both Big Girls must Homeschool.
  2. Each must submit a "Letter of Intent."
  3. Each must explore an outside interest, such as Karate, Dance, Art, etc.
  4. Daddy~Dan must be fully on board.

Well, yesterday, they completed step one, agreeing that this is what each wants to do next year.  Then, I received these cute "paragraphs" that are their Letters of Intent:

From Tater:

My Goals

I would like to make a poster that told all about being a sergin.  I would get info from tv, internet, and books.

I would like to study Africa.  I whant to study history, cultres, and old triditions.

My last thing is that I would like to write a report on smoking.  It would tell all of the things that happen when you smoke.

From Pit~Pat:

What I would Like to do in 4th Grade.  By ******* *******  7/24/07

I would like to learn a little more about horses.  I am very interested in them.  They are my favorite animal.  Embroidery sounds fun, too.  I would like to be able to make stuff.  Things like the alphabet, or maybe make a picture.  Sea life has always interested me.  I want to study things like dolphins, or lobsters or something.  I also like octopuses.  I want to do a lot in 4th grade.

Okay…so I know where to start with Tater (spelling) and Pit~Pat seems easily pleased.  But, the bickering.  I think that is enough to put an end to their plans completely.  Maybe I need to add another step to their list of qualifications.  Alas, Homeschooling was their hearts desire yesterday.  Who knows what today holds?

Stay tuned…

It’s time!

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Time for Morning Glory Season, that is!  My mom always planted them under our bird feeder.  They were always at their most beautiful right around back-to-school time.  I have been lucky enough to be successfully growing them, as well.  They have just begun to bloom, though by September, the plants should be double or triple the size they are now.  Here’s our second bloom of the year, as the first was missed due to a horribly busy day: