Sailing Weekend


We had our first sailing weekend of the summer.  (A bit late, according to Dan, but better late than never, I say…)

The girls had a lovely time.  Dassa was sooooo excited to be sleeping on the boat, and she made up a song with lyrics that went like this: 

We’re on board, we’re on board…

We’re really, really, really on board…

(repeat 10,000 times)

Tater and Pit-Pat also made up a song.  It was actually an "Operetta" for two singers.  It was all about gas.  Definitely Dan’s genes at work there.  The terrible part is that I can’t get it out of my head and have been singing it for the past several days…sigh…

Some highlights were:  Swimming off the back of the boat…a Saturday where EVERYONE napped…"Salty Jax" truly in his element…beautiful sunsets…a fun sail on Sunday where Daddy drove the boat straight into every motorboat’s wakes so the thrill~seekers girls could pretend they were on a roller~coaster…










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