Sailing Days…

Last weekend was spent on the sailboat.  It is always nice to be on the boat, as we are all together in such a small space (two adults, three children, two dogs) that we simply must relate.  At home, we are often spread out, each person an island, doing our own thing.  Not an option on the boat.

The boating "culture" is so good for the girls.  Dassa quickly gained confidence and can climb from our boat to the dingy or launch without hesitation.  Tater and Pit~Pat discovered the thrill of "Captaining" the dingy.  Pit~Pat enjoys flitting about on deck. 

The girls also enjoy great naps on board:


Below is a picture of Dan, Dassa and Pit~Pat on the launch.  We had just arrived, and note the FOG!  The water was a bit rough.  The look on Dan’s face says it all.  He LOVES boats.  Pit~Pat and Dassa are still acclimating.  I love how big sis has her arm around little sis:


Tater is 11, and she discovered that she REALLY likes steering the dingy.  Girl Power!


She had no trouble at all motoring us across the harbor to Dutch Island.  There, the family quickly scattered.  I was looking for interesting rocks and shells:


Dassa was enjoying the terrain with Daddy following closely behind:


And the big girls were "rescuing" starfish.  They are everywhere in this neck of the woods.  Here, they are holding some of the recipients of their charity, before  reuniting them with the sea:


Dassa figured out pretty quickly that this was the game to play and joined up with her sisters.  Such excitement when a new herd of starfish was discovered!


They were everywhere:


Many treasures filled our pockets…Dassa was so proud of her discoveries:


Dan was ready to head on over to the other side of the island, to the lighthouse, which was our original plan:


I could have let the girls dawdle all day on that rocky shore, and allowed the day to organically unfurl.  I think that being in the business world may be the cause of his "Let’s Go!" attitude, where I never truly have deadlines at home, and am probably more relaxed because of this.  (I must stop now and thank you, Dan, for making it possible for me to stay at home.  I am so lucky.)


Hiking to the lighthouse involved some serious terrain.  Once again, sisters helped sisters.  I love that.


Dassa loved the hiking.  She was determined to do it herself, even though there is only a very primitive path on the island, with lots of very tall  weeds and grasses.  She was quite cheerful, (until a rude thorn bush attacked her little wee ankle.)


It was well past lunchtime at this point.  And, unfortunately, the Hungry~Crankies were setting in:


And the dingy was pretty far away:


We did make it to the lighthouse, which is being restored:


Kind Dad decided it would be best if he went back solo and got the dingy.  Good plan.  In the meantime, Pit~Pat had withered:


But not before finding a few treasures of her own:


Tater, on the other hand, had become increasingly agitated at the amount of litter she was noticing.  So much so that she began a campaign to clean up the island.  "Seals and whales choke on these!" she exclaimed over plastic bags.  "Fish get caught in these!" she exclaimed over plastic netting.  By the time Dan returned with the dingy, she had amassed a garbage bag full of….well, garbage!  Here she is with her trash upon our return:


Of course, that was after she motored us there, with a little help from Dassa.  Dassa rowed us along so that we would go "extra fast!"


Pit~Pat tried steering for a bit, also, but quickly decided it wasn’t her thing:


Later, Dan and Tater did a bit of kayaking in the harbor.  They had a ball!



Basically, we swung around on the mooring for three days.  The plan had been to sail to Block Island, but life got in the way.  For one thing, Fanny~Mae had some sort of attack and couldn’t breathe.  Here she is moments before we rushed her to the vet:


She spent the day at the clinic, and is fine now (phew!) but that ended our plans to leave for the boat.

Things like home renovations also happened instead of boating:


Dan is pretty handy.

Had we not had a deadline, we probably would have made that voyage.  But we did have a deadline, so swinging on the mooring was our thing.

What deadline??

The first day of school!!!

Here they are…Tater’s first day of 6th Grade, and Pit~Pat’s first day of 4th Grade:


Those Morning Glories sure do come through each year for the pictures! 

Oh-and their first days went well!  Even Pitter, who was not too happy that she was being bussed off to 4th Grade, has come home after the first two days of school in a very positive mood!



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  1. I had to lol when I saw that pic of your Tater with all the refuse she had collected. What a conscientious little lady she is!

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