That is what Dassa sang the whole way *up* and almost the whole way *down* the Blue Hills yesterday.  She had the best time!  But let me backtrack a bit…


Yesterday was my dreaded  much anticipated 40th!  And for dinner, I wanted to go for a hike and have a picnic dinner.  So, birthday cake in hand (thanks, Christine!!), away we went!


Fanny~Mae had a crisis with her leg (and a bit of trouble breathing again…) so we had to stop for a few minutes to cool/calm her down:


Ummm….Dassa???  We’re having a crisis here…  Dassa?  Yoo hoo!



Okay, um…Fan~Dog…your crisis must end, or Dassa will "Salta" out of sight!!!

Sooo….all was well, and we made it to the top.  Beautiful views, and you can see a touch of Autumn color here and there.  Just what I ordered for my birthday!

Boston skyline:



The girls loved the observation tower.  I was sure that Dassa might start complaining of fatigue after all the climbing, but she ran up and down those stairs like nobody’s business.

Hey, up there!


We picnicked and chatted.  (And Dassa discovered that she loves using my camera…)  Then Tater lit the candles on my cake (while Pit~Pat chased Dassa around, trying to recover my camera…lol):


Of course, a 4 year-old can smell cake a mile away.  She surrendered the camera and was on my lap in no time:


The wind blew the candles out for me, so I had to pretend:


Then we "salta’ed" our way back down:


Saw this on the way down:


It was a quiet, memorable day.  Just perfect for my 40th!


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