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Halloween 2007

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My Prairie Girl, Karate-Chopper, and Crow had a wonderful, trick-or-treaty time…





The Crow conked out first, and was brought home to the nest, so she could check out her loot:


Joined later by her sisters:


Happy Halloween!


Aim High

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I was blathering on this morning about having three girls in three different schools.  Which means that from 6:30 until 9 each morning, I am waking, feeding, packing and/or driving little girls to school.  Then I proceeded to note how some years I will have two schools to get girls off to in the mornings…which will be a bit easier.  But wait!

Me: Oh!  Then there’s college.  Pit~Pat, do you think you and Tater will go to the same college? 

Pit~Pat: (very matter-of-factish) Well….She wants to go to Wellesley and I want to go to Harvard.  So probably not.

Me: (Gasp…choke…wheeze…sigh)


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The quilt I made of Dassa’s drawings is getting heavy use.  (We had our first frost yesterday.)  LOVE IT!


So how lucky I feel to be a StayAtHomeMom.  The two big girls and I have decided to learn to crochet this fall and winter…just need to figure out which beginner book is best.  We are all pretty excited about it.  For now, knitting for Hittys is the developing skill.  Things are going pretty well…I have one more shawl completed since this set:


I am looking forward to many days spent contentedly reading/knitting/embroidering together by a cozy fire, warm drinks, lots and lots of baking, and dinners cooking all day in the crock pot…

Oh — there will be some real life thrown in there somewhere.  But I just love this life and my fortune to be able to be the "Lady of the House."  Otherwise, I’d never have the time (or energy) to make this house a home.


Yesterday, Last Night and WAY too Early this Morning…

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So….yesterday was one of those days that I felt so very accomplished…and I wanted to feel good about that.  I really did.  But somehow, the stars just weren’t properly aligned, causing my family to act in strange and (okay I have to say it here…sorry guys) annoying ways.

First, there was Dan.  Ah, Dan.  Dear husband.  King of the home.  Handyman extraordinaire.  I understand that you wanted yesterday to be a day that we all would "Hang" together.  Great.  But why is it that your definition of "Hang" doesn’t jive with mine?  Or am I a bit daffy to think that "Hang" does NOT mean that the husband spends the entire day in the basement, while the wife and 3 restless children spend the entire day upstairs. Hanging.  Without you.

Then, Tater…Dear, sweet, 11 year-old Tater.  Who likes her Daddy to tell her a story at bedtime.  It’s a sweet ritual that has carried on through a decade now.  But Tater…please tell me WHY you found it necessary to lay in bed last night and bellow "Daddy" at the top of your lungs??  And then to stomp down the stairs to get him.  Loudly.  The stairs are next to Pit~Pat’s room.  Not that the bellowing hadn’t already woken her up.  Tater, I’m so glad you got your bedtime story last night.  Too bad it also resulted in Pit~Pat sleeping in MY bed.

There’s more.  (Of course!)  At 5am, I couldn’t stand it anymore.  There were FIVE people and TWO dogs in my bed.  I couldn’t move, I couldn’t sleep.  I was too hot from all the little and not-so-little bodies surrounding me.  So I got up.  So did Dassa.  I scooped her– and my pillow — up and went into Tater’s (empty) room.  Dassa says, "Mommy!  WHY are you doing this??!!?"  "Oh, Dassa," I answered, "It’s not time to get up yet.  Mommy was just too squished in there.  Let’s sleep in Tater’s bed."  Dassa didn’t answer.  She was already asleep.  (Tater has the most WONDERFUL temperpedic mattress.)

Fast forward to about 6:45 am, when I drag my tired (and late) fanny out of the world’s most comfy bed.  I hobble downstairs to pack a lunch and make breakfasts.  But of course I detour into the bathroom.  Where I find my beloved rocks from Cuttyhunk Island coated in DREAD LOCK WAX.  (Don’t ask.)  Pit~Pat.  I love you.  Very much.  But WHY???  WHY???  Okay, so you’re 9.  You have an obsession with hygiene products that goes way beyond obsession.  This is normal for most girls your age.  I get that.  But you are DESTROYING MY STUFF!!!  Because of your behavior, you now have to sail with your family back to Cuttyhunk Island.  Next Summer.  And find new rocks.  Sail, dear.  Yes, I said SAIL.  So HA!

And, Dassa…Please stop grunting at me from the time I pick you up at preschool until I get you home.  I know that’s only about 15 minutes of my day, but it’s a LONG 15 minutes.  So please stop.  Thanks.

And life goes on…

I’m Loving…

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Dassa with her sisters…She adores them, and that is so, so nice.  Here she is with Tater:


Just look at those dear little hands.  Older, but not without a hint of baby-ness to them…I love those little hands.

I’m also loving my new Chicago mug.  It holds LOTS (18oz!) of coffee, and it holds memories too.  Memories of a recent Chicago Airport meet-up with my mom and a friend:


I am loving my really cute Chicken Pitcher…Sparkly Pumpkins too:


And, I am loving the last of the Zinnias.  It won’t be much longer until they are hit by the first frost:


I’m also loving a rainy Autumn day.  Oh — and that my house is kinda, sorta picked up.


Rogue Birds

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I had a small panic today when several Hittys went missing.  I knew exactly where I had seen them last, but they weren’t there.  Missing Hittys always bring visions of one of our two dogs thinking they have found the world’s greatest chew toy.  **Gasp**  Things were getting urgent and I was getting upset.  Dassa insisted that she didn’t know where they were, though we were the only two home (or so I thought) at the time of the Hittys’ disappearance.

I found them (Phew.  Double Phew.) Unharmed, stuffed behind a cushion on one of the living-room chairs.  Though I was relieved that they were safe, I wasn’t too happy about the situation.  Here’s the aftermath:

Me: Dassa…how come I found the Hittys behind a chair cushion?

Dassa: (running to the exact chair where they had been and looking behind the cushion…) I don’t know…

Me: Dassa.  I know you put them there.  Please tell me you will never do that again, or I simply cannot let you play with them anymore.

Dassa: I didn’t do it!

Me: Then why did you know exactly which chair and which cushion I meant?

Dassa: (without even so much as a blink) Well the birds that did it told me where they were.

Me: (without even so much as a blink…nothing surprises me anymore) I want you to promise me you won’t do that again.

Dassa: (defeated) I promise…

**Who are these rogue birds anyway, and why are they after my Hittys?!?**

A Halloween Story, by Dassa

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There was a pumpkin.  And the little girl was a ghost for Halloween:


She went Trick-or-Treating the whole way by herself.   She knocked on the door.  "Do you have any candy?"  And her Grandma said, "Yes!":


When she got home, she had a lollipop:


When she was done, she went softly to sleep:


The End.