A Visit with Hitty…

Hitty Maple is getting worried.  Hitty~Mom leaves for the Hitty Gathering in Guthrie, Oklahoma, in just over a week.  The gifts aren’t finished, and Hitty~Mom has a horrible cold, with allergies on top, and isn’t able to make any progress.  She decides to help.  However, when Miss VanDroo finds her, she is in a great state of agitation and is attempting to use the seam-ripper:


It appears that while sewing a very complicated stitch, Hitty Maple has somehow managed to sew the wrong side of the fabric.  Miss VanDroo determines that ripping it out will take the better part of two weeks.  They decide to start that piece over.


This bobbin needs to be wound.  "Maple!  When I say "GO,’ you push the pedal!"


Maple and Miss VanDroo make a great team.  Before long, the bobbin is wound and they are ready to begin.  Clarabelle hears all the commotion and comes to watch.  Clarabelle loves commotion:


The seam is now properly completed.  On the first gift.  This may take a while:


At that point, Hitty Maple and Clarabelle are taken away to play a version of Rancher Family, elsewhere in the house.  Miss VanDroo is therefore left to make sense of all this:


It turns into a long day.  There is sewing, embroidering, more sewing, some ironing.  It’s hard to handle an iron when you’re only six inches tall.  But Miss VanDroo is a determined one, and at the end of the day she is finished:


Hitty~Mom owes her. 

Big time.

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