Doing Housework…

Monday morning…oh, my.  So much housework to do.  So.  Much.  Housework.  Funny thing is, I spent the weekend cleaning up and clearing out.  Things get worse before they get better.  This I know.  And here we are, ripping and snorting straight-on into the Holiday Season.  I must get busy.  This weekend, I tried to catch up on all that laundry.  (It multiplies at night.  Of this I am sure.)  I even got the quilt to the laundromat for its annual washing.  (Thanks, Tater, for keeping me company.)  The computer room is a thing of beauty.  Even the kitchen is in order.  But there are many, many rooms in this big old house.  Many, many, messy rooms.  I must get busy.  Did I say that already?  Okay…obviously I am procrastinating.  But isn’t it much more fun to take the camera out on a beautiful fall morning in New England and snap some pictures…than to do housework?




Dan finished the portico.  Just yesterday.  Love it:


And for the procrastinating mom I am this morning — a treat!  Since my camera is *ahem* missing (again) I used Pit~Pat’s camera.  I found some great pictures she had taken this summer.



Is that cute or what?

And this gem:


There were others as well, but I must get busy.  I don’t have all day, you know!


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