Our “Pet” Bunny

The girls are always asking for another pet.  Apparently, two dogs aren’t enough.  (And Jax should really count as at least two dogs…so that makes three in my book.)  We had Chocolate Chip Cookie, the fish…we had a Hamster…and we had two neglected Guinea Pigs that we ended up giving to a very enthusiastic 13 year-old boy.  Usually, the pleas involve a rodent of some kind or another, but they fall on deaf ears.  No WAY am I cleaning a stinky rodent cage ever again in my life.  Eeeeeeew.  But we do have a pet bunny:


At least that is what we call any rabbit we see hopping about in our yard.  So, yesterday our "pet bunny" paid us a long overdue visit. Pit~Pat and I got some pictures through the window:


It was a brief sighting.  This is just before takeoff:


See you next time, Bunnikins!



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