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Happy Birthday!

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The picture above cracks me up!  Where’s the joy?!?  I like to think that they are frustrated with the photographer for holding them up.  After all, being that it was winter, they probably were worried about getting the wee one out of the cold.

And below, cutie pie Mom/Pawbee:


Today is my Mom’s 70th Birthday!  Happy Birthday to the nicest Mom and Grandmother, EVER! 


~~ Merry Christmas ~~

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Here’s to a Magical Christmas and a Peaceful 2008!

Peppermint Brownie Obsession!

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I had never heard of them before.  Not until I read about someone else’s quest for the perfect peppermint brownie.  And after an entire brownie saga, her verdict was that Nordstrom has the perfect peppermint brownie.  Forget making them on your own.  I became a woman obsessed.  But getting to Nordstrom during the holiday rush, finding a parking space and actually living to tell the tale seemed to be way too intimidating.  However, Monday night found the girls and I eating out at Panera Bread.  Discussing Peppermint Brownies.  Which Panera doesn’t sell.  It was 8 o’clock when we left, and we decided that it was NOW or NEVER with the Nordstrom brownie thing.  I proceeded to make all kinds of rules about getting a spot to park, and sharing one brownie four ways, and not buying anything else, and blah, blah, blah.  We made it there…found the Nordstrom Brownie Place….AND…Nope.  Hadn’t even HEARD of such a thing.  "They sell them in Oregon…"  At that, they must have thought I was a cuckoo momma.  (I am, I am!!)  So we went home.  But decidedly NOT defeated.  I threw all caution and warnings to the wind.  "Tomorrow, I’m going to MAKE the perfect Peppermint Brownie," I declared.


The consensus is…YUM!  :o)

The Rogue Photographer…

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Dassa is taking pictures as often as she remembers how fun it is.  I find it to be extremely entertaining to find her pictures on my camera.  The world is a different place to a 4 year-old and her pictures show this in a fun, happy and interesting way.  The other day, she took an entire series of pictures of her journey upstairs…breaking in on her sister…who was in her room…with a friend…doing karaoke.  I laughed.  Here’s the beginning of her journey:



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Oh how I have oohed and aaaahed over this.  Can it be that I have wanted this for the last 12 years?  Yes.  So I finally just did it.  Well, it wasn’t quite that simple, but it arrived yesterday, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  We will add Kings and a traveling Mary and Joseph over time.  Maybe an angel, too. The bird perch will be replaced by a star on Christmas Eve.  Jesus isn’t born yet, but how can you keep Jesus away from a 4 year-old?  So he is already in the manger.  I am thrilled with this!  And very glad I held out for it! (Clicking the photo will make it larger.)


We will treasure this until the end of time.

*** Thank You, Ostheimer!! ***

Cute Quotes…Naughty or Nice?

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Dassa: Mommy, does Santa really only come if you’ve been good for a very long time?

Me: Ummmm…that’s what they say.

Dassa: Do you have to be good for a very long time in our world, too?

Me: Yes, Dassa.  In our world, too.


Dassa: Uh, oh…


Winter Wonderland!

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Oh, how I am loving this!  Mother Nature has been so good to us.  TWO snowstorms since Thursday!  Nevertheless, we have had a busy weekend, full of gatherings (one here…), celebrations, books, shoveling, sewing, baking, and SNOW!  I’d say there’s a good two feet.  Phew!