Teaching them Young…

Dassa has been full of such sweetness these days.  Funny, how you relax more and more with each child.  (Or is it that you age, and therefore have less and less energy??)  If Tater and Pit~Pat had been as full of beans as she has been lately, I’d have been going batty!  But Dassa is my baby, and I think we all know how that goes.  I’m just inhaling all this early~childhood goodness as much as I can; it will be gone before I know it.


Dassa thinks our tree is just grand.  GRAND, I’m telling you.  In truth, it is maybe~ maybe~ three feet tall.  It’s a live one, so we will plant it in the spring.  Dan and I still have our tree from our first Christmas, so it is 16 years old now.  It is getting very tall.  You can see the top of it here:


I just love that tree…

Oh…right.  Back to Dassa.  So…yesterday, while I was preparing lunch for Dassa (toast and bananas…) she approached me with a candle holder.

"Can we light these while I have lunch?"

Of course…I’m all for ambiance, dear.


She sure did enjoy that lunch and I’m sure it was made even better by the elegant table setting.  Got to teach them early, I say.

Which gets to the point of this tale….

Lunch is over and I let Dassa blow out her candles.

Me: (engulfed in a patch of just-blown-out candle smoke) OOOOOOOH!  (cough…cough…) Smokey!

Dassa: Mommy, is that the kind of smoking you shouldn’t do?

::: No, my dear, sweet, baby~~But I’m glad you’re listening :::


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