Santa’s Workshop

I thought I had another morning alone to prepare for Christmas.  Turns out, Mother Nature has other plans for me.  Plans that involve children, early dismissals, baking, snuggling, book~reading and lots of hot chocolate.  So, with one and a half hours of time this morning, I finally got around to making journals (like the ones in Last Minute Patchwork Gifts) for the girls, and I sewed together a big bunch of blank books for Dassa:



The prescription journal is for Tater’s "Medical Kit" I am putting together…including a REAL stethoscope.  I can’t wait for her to see it.  Pit~Pat is getting a "School Kit" complete with old~fashioned slates and slate pencils.  Dassa’s will be a "Bookmaking Kit" complete with many blank books and some new pens.  I am so excited…these are my favorite Christmas presents for them this year.


Poor little squirrel…he (she?) has been putzing about collecting the seeds I threw on the ground for the birds.  When I found out that we are having a very large snowstorm today, I buzzed about filling my feeders, so the birds wouldn’t go hungry when they reappear.  They aren’t anywhere right now, and squirrelly has the place to his or herself.  (Where do the birds go before a storm?  How do they know??)  We’ve already had about an inch of snow in the last hour.  I love this!!!  School may be cancelled tomorrow…I will REALLY love that!

Time to go play!

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