We were whomped…


Whomped…by a snowstorm.  Not really a huge snowstorm.  We have definitely seen bigger.  Much, much bigger.  But this snow was heavy.


The kind that sticks to everything and weighs it down.  We could touch the tops of trees and bushes that are well over our heads in normal circumstances.


Our world was transformed.  The roads looked and felt like snow*tunnels. It was awe-inspiring.


We lived in a new, changed world for a while.  Now the sun is out and the heavy snow on the branches is falling, making intermittent loud crashes on the roof and in the yard.  I have been startled by the noise more than once this morning. 


Some branches came down with the snow, too.  Still, it was a fun storm.  They usually are.  And there has been plenty of time for other things, like this:


And this:


And this:


***As well as many, many loads of laundry.  But I’m still not caught up***


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