Creating an Entourage

Faun Boy Dulin arrived last week, just in time to be in the play.  I got him from Vanessa’s Etsy shop.  I just love him.  He has inspired an entire week’s worth of Creature~Making…more on that later…

Below is Dassa’s "Enchanted Carriage" being pulled by Birthday Cake, the puppy.  The reins are made of pearls and there is gold and sparkly stuff everywhere…one of her many "setups" around the home…


Poor Dassa came down with conjunctivitis yesterday, so is home with me today.  Boy, it has been a year since she has had eye trouble.  Pretty great for a little one who once had to have a tube placed in her tear duct to get it to drain properly.  So here we are, eye drops again.  She has been very good about it.  I reminded her that girls who don’t calmly get their eye drops have to take medicine or, worse still, shots…a lesson she learned last winter.  Anyway, today she is playing, looking at maps, and creating with Mom. 


There has, as I said, been a creative frenzy around here these past several days.  I made Gibbous, the Forest Creature, to be Dulin’s sidekick in the play.  Then, we couldn’t stop.  Tater made these, below, waiting for paint and assembly:


Dassa has made several, and has been painting quite a bit:


Here she is below, "barnishing."


Tater made the greenish~blue guy with the crazy hair, and Pit~Pat’s red creature is still in the final stages of assembly:


While supervising the paints and "barnish," I also managed to hang up a shelf in my sewing room.  Its shelves are already filling up, some things added by me, some added by others.  Those are my Great-Great Grandmother’s old spools of thread in the jar in the upper right.  Love those.  Oh- and the white thing to the right of the shelves is my new fold~down ironing board…very cool!


Back to Dulin.  He has inspired an entire "Pod" of Forest Creatures.  Gibbous was first, then the un-named white guy…then the two pastel girls came along with a mushroom to boot.  Dulin loves his new entourage and is very kind to them.


I was surprised to find that two of my Forest~Creatures were pastel colors.  "We only come out in the spring," I was informed.  Oh…..  Makes sense to me…  They are the "Pastel Sisters."  The pink one is Patsy, and the yellow is Stella.  They are very sweet.  The cute little white one with the scarf will not tell me his name.  I even thought he was a girl at first, but luckily Dulin set me straight before I made an embarrassing mistake.


The Hittys are thrilled to have such a lovely cast of characters move in.  They have been busy writing new plays, with all the Forest Creatures in mind.  I’m so glad everyone gets along!  Tee, hee!


***I wish he’d tell me his name…the waiting is driving me nuts***


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