Grumping About…

My camera is the cause of my grumpy mood this morning.  Whereas four year-old Dassa is able to take interesting photos, from interesting angles, and show the world as she sees it, I cannot.  Dassa’s pictures are often blurry, and I still love them.  She’s a child, constantly on the move.  Dassa doesn’t wait for the camera to finish before she moves on.  Still, her pictures show a reality I can never quite capture:



No matter how hard I try, it is still a pot~luck whether or not my pictures will come out as I want.  I see great pictures everywhere.  My camera sees things differently.  The picture below isn’t even in focus.  Such a simple shot of a sweet moment.  But it is fuzzy.  Sigh.


Fuzzy craft projects-and I don’t mean they feel fuzzy (though they do) I mean that they look fuzzy.  Grrrrrr…..


Suddenly, Mr. Canon decides to cooperate with me, and takes this pretty cool picture:


But no matter what settings I choose, there are some things that just will NOT photograph as I see them.  I’m pretty sure I’m doing things correctly, as far as using the camera goes.  My camera just isn’t capable of taking focused pictures:


How hard is it to take a clear picture of chair cushions?  Ummmm…pretty difficult, I figure:


Is the camera broken?  Probably not.  But maybe.  Ummmm…  I don’t know.  I just know that it is inconsistent and frustrating and unpredictable and out of focus.  I don’t like it much these days.

Why did the picture below focus somewhat properly?  Does my camera prefer Michigan to chair cushions?  Huh????  Hey, I was born in Michigan.


***I think I’ll give up the photography for today and go turn on some music***


2 Responses to “Grumping About…”

  1. Is your camera digital – I assume? We have a Canon, too, and so I have two comments on the fuzzy pictures. Well, maybe three. For close-ups on ours – in order for them to be really sharp – you have to use the flower setting. Also, in a darker setting, such as the kids sitting at the table, in order for it to be in focus you would probably either need a flash – or – change the camera setting to a higher speed/ISO. If you’re already doing all of that, then it’s possible you may need a new battery and/or memory card. I know our camera started really acting up and not taking nearly as sharp of pictures when those two things started to go. You can get new batteries and cards for so much cheaper than in town prices if you order them from B&H.

  2. Oh, crumbs…I use the macro (flower) when I need to focus on smaller things, and I change the settings…the top two pics are taken by my 4 year-old…she does well! I try to never use the flash, but when I do, they still look awful. I will take your advice though, and look into a new battery and card. Thanks, Prudence!!! Looking for some dolls in your store!!!

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