Drifting Off…

The bedtime routine is pretty much the same every night.  I have two big girls who sleep on their own mattresses on the floor at the foot of the bed, and one little girl who sleeps with me and her father in the king-sized bed.  Dan says we’re like homesteaders, and all we really need is a one-bedroom cottage.  (He’s right.)  Anyway, I start by reading books to the littlest, with Tater and Pitter either listening in or coloring/reading in their own beds.  Then, the light on the big girl’s side of the room goes off, and I read a chapter of whatever we are reading.  (The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, by Julie Andrews, is our current story.)  Then, all lights go off, all girls must lay down, and mom reads by the glow of her book light while the girls drift off into dreamland.  Okay, it doesn’t always go quite so smoothly, but that’s the general idea.  Works nicely for us, and we are all happy and cozy. 

Last night, Dan came up and got into bed while I was reading.  (Usually, this is quiet time for him downstairs.)  When we got to the end of the books, Dassa snuggled up between us, me reading, Dan just being there.  She was so thrilled, she couldn’t decide who to cuddle first!  Somewhere in there, I got caught up in my reading and lost track of her.  When I was finished reading, I looked over, and there she was, sound asleep, holding onto her Daddy’s hand.  It was so sweet.  A moment in time to never forget.

When I was talking to her this morning, Dassa was just beaming.  "And you know what?!?" she said, "I didn’t even have to close my eyes!  They closed all by themselves!"


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