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Leap Day Only Comes Around Every Four Years…

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Tater is 12 years old today.  Wow!  Happy Birthday to You!





I love my little Tater.  She’s noise and quiet.  She’s sensibility and chaos.  She’s sweetness and bossiness.  She’s also a lefty!  As I child, I had a fixation on left-handedness.  Also on Leap Day.  I wanted to be a lefty and I wanted Leap Day to be my birthday.  Tater got both.  Supernatural, I say. 

My fixation with Leap Day is also the reason that today is my 16th Anniversary!



While I’m Doing Laundry…

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I was upstairs, folding, putting away, sorting, pre-treating. All that fun stuff.  Forever.  Then I went downstairs.  Hello?  Yoo Hoo?!  Anybody home?  Where did everyone go?!?  Then I heard the sounds of laughter and happy chattering coming from outside.  Huh?  I grabbed my camera, knowing this must be a photo-op.  Here’s what I found:






***This must be Paradise***


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I had a great time yesterday, visiting with Sara.  It is always exciting to get together with other Hittygirls…like finding my tribe!


Above…Bitty Hitty blanks and a shoulderhead from Sara.  The girls love the blanks and are calling them the Twins!  :o)

***   ***   ***

Here’s my latest Hitty, in profile.  Carving could become a new obsession hobby!


Love Letters

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Dassa wrote me "Love Letters."  I thought she meant "A Love Letter"…until she handed me this piece of sweetness:


What a little bit of Confidence can do…

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Pit~Pat has started taking Karate.  I am so pleased with her decision.  Tater has been involved with Karate for almost two years, and it has done wonders for her confidence.  Tater is shy, but Pit~Pat is extremely shy.  Here’s a corny and blurry picture of their Sensei – he’s a great guy:


Already, I’m seeing a difference with Pit~Pat’s confidence, and it is glorious.  Just glorious.  The other day, the Sensei allowed the class to volunteer trying their "kenpos" on him.  (This is where he throws a punch, and a technique is used to fend him off.)  All of the higher ranked students volunteered (Tater, too!) but the lower ranks had that "deer in headlights" look.  Sensei said, "Last chance.  Anyone else want to try?"  And PIT~PAT VOLUNTEERED!  I almost fell off of my chair.  I think the Sensei was pleasantly surprised, too.  Pit~Pat did great.  My heart was leaping out of its chest.  I’m sure hers was too.  It was awesome.  Then, one by one, the other lower ranked students volunteered.  It was my Pit~Pat who helped them get their courage up.  It. Was. Awesome.   Not five minutes later, Tater was given her testing slip…she will test for blue belt with a stripe on February 29…her 12th birthday!  It was a great karate class for each of my big girls, but even better, I think, for this teary-eyed mamma.

***   ***   ***

I have taken the plunge into Hitty carving again.  I finished my first full-sized Hitty, using a Sara Cole basswood blank.  (A big thank you to Sara!)  Pit~Pat adores her and has named her Hitty Martha~Julep.  Hitty M~J does have a face that only a mother could love…but it is a pleasant face, nonetheless:


I was soooo nervous about her eyes.  What if I screwed them up?!  I spent ages painting eyes on a piece of paper (while Dassa spent ages painting sculpey "critters" next to me.)  Seemed like a good idea to me, and then I’d get some decent eyes. 


Then, on hittygirls, I was given the ingenious suggestion to pencil the eyes in first.  Ummm…right…yup…I knew that…lol.  (Thanks, TC!)  Also, lowering the eyes and nose.  Yes, yes…but I am too impatient.  Couldn’t wait to start carving the second blank I have…So Hitty~MJ was finished, flaws and all, and the next Hitty (which Tater has made clear is hers) is almost ready for the first coat of varnish.  I do believe this Hitty will be an improvement.  It is so exciting!

Things I’ll Miss When The Girls Are All Grown Up:

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Illustrated shopping lists…


Hard to see here, but Dassa drew all sorts of food on my shopping list.  Pit~Pat’s specialty is graffiti all over my calendar…adding in editorial comments where I have things written.  I will miss these days…

All Kinds of Different Stuff

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Pit~Pat went solo in the kitchen for the first time ever a couple days ago:


I only helped with the oven…she did the rest.  And the result was yummy!  Success!

***   ***   ***

Some cuteness found on my camera:




***   ***   ***

I’ve been busy making chairs for Hittys:



***    ***   ***

Somehow, today, my mind wandered to carving.  I got out the carving knives and a blank I had…




**Time to sweep up and call it a day**