I’ve been crazy about miniatures for a long, long time.  And now especially, I love the scale of Hitty.  Whereas *most* miniatures are sized 1:12, or one inch = one foot, Hitty is more along the lines of 1:10, or one inch = ten inches.  Tricky sometimes, at least at first.  But this slightly larger scale is so much fun to work with, as things in Hitty-Scale are just a bit easier to handle and a bit easier to make.  I like that!  It’s wonderful for the girls to play with also…


As a child, I used to stick my head inside my dollhouse and pretend that I was actually living in there.  I’d look around (to the best of my ability) and imagine what life must be like for my little doll who lived there.  Boy, was it cool!

With Hitty came the ‘discovery’ of Re-Ment.  Boy, oh, boy!!  Cool stuff!  All well suited in scale for Hitty.  I turned my nose up at first…it’s plastic after all, and how realistic can you make plastic?!  Silly me.  Now, my collection grows as my budget allows.  This week, I finally put it all in the same place:


I have to be careful, because Dassa LOVES miniatures (especially miniature food, and Re-Ment makes lots of that) almost to the point of  obsession. 


She isn’t allowed to touch Mommy’s Re-Ment, but she has been promised her own for her birthday.


:::   Not that she doesn’t already have quite the miniature food collection going   :::

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