Pit~Pat has a rotten headache…I’m getting a bit concerned.  Should 9 year-olds have headaches?  Once or twice a month?  When she gets a headache, I call my mom and say, "Pitter is headaching…"  But it’s time to stop being cute and start looking into this.

Dassa, too, is down and out.  Trying to get better from a nasty cold.  Her poor little left eye is so sore.  Poor kid is the first person I’ve known to get a cold in her eyes.  Alas, it is Dassa’s vacation week.  A good time to convalesce.  A good time to bake!  Or…a good time to draw a picture about baking while convalescing:


:::   I’m hoping for a speedy recovery for both   :::

:::   In the meantime, I think I’ll bake them something yummy  :::

One Response to “Convalesce”

  1. I’ve heard that a headache is a lot of times caused by being dehydrated. Drink more liquids!

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