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How Does Mother Nature Do It?!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 30, 2008 by Hitty Jean

Each color seems to be perfectly matched to its surroundings.  The combinations are spot-on, no matter where you look.  It’s an amazing feat, really.

Petal pinks against the bluest of blue skies:



Hollering yellows against calming deep greens:


Pale yellow-green new growth, contrasted with darker leafy greens and browns and purples:


The combinations are endless…year-round, actually, though perhaps more noticeable in the Spring, when one may be a bit color-deprived.

It’s just perfection.


Sisters and Lollipops: A Chat

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Ode to the Squirrel Outside my Window…

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Little squirrel you are a pill,

flitting about my windowsill.



First one way and then the next,

You’re after something, my mind detects.


What’s up there, way out of the picture?

Are you aware of my constant stricture?


Stay in the bush where you belong.

I want to hear the Titmouse’s song.


You do not seem to sense my wrath,

You only pause to take a bath.


Then back again to the sill you leap,

But your antics make me weep.


Up you jump and reign superior,

Interior, my wishes remain inferior.

A Springtime Visit with Hitty…and People, too!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 18, 2008 by Hitty Jean

Yesterday, some Hitty friends came over.  It was so nice to carve and chat together.  Dassa was also thrilled to have company – and they brought her miniature food!  Her FAVORITE THING EVER!!!  Plus, there were Hittys everywhere!  Paradise.  Needless to say, we all had fun.


We all enjoyed carving and I think I even managed to learn a few new things.  It is amazing to watch an expert at work.  I looked away for one minute (it seemed) and when I looked back, the shoulderhead she was carving had eyes!


We gathered all the shoulderheads together…it was quite the variety:


All too soon, they had to go…so I took my camera outside.  New England Springtime is beautiful (when it isn’t raining…)



Our Magnolia Tree is about to POP!  It is always exquisitely pink…and short-lived.  But I love it!

In other news, New Hitty and Sewing Hitty (they won’t tell me their names…sigh…) have decided to sew a charm quilt.  They have a visitor helping them.  I forgot her name, and she isn’t telling.  (I think she’s a bit miffed with me…it is so very rude to forget your company’s name!)  But they are having fun together, chirping away while they sew in Miss VanDroo’s sewing room: 


Yes…Miss VanDroo has her very own sewing room!!!

But that is news for another day…


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So much to do today…I need to get to Target, PRONTO and buy some birdseed…and some coffee!  But it is so hard to pull myself away from the computer this morning…turning it on is so often the kiss of death to my morning plans. 

What is so interesting???  Well, besides Hitty and Hitty friends, there’s Re-Ment to gaze longingly at…and now this:


Somebody save me before it’s too late!  And if the girls catch sight of her, it’s all over!

Birds and Road Rage…

Posted in Uncategorized on April 13, 2008 by Hitty Jean

You know how traffic merges from two lanes into one?  And the courteous thing to do is have every-other car from the ending lane go ahead, so that it’s even, right?  Well, so there I am, driving along, when I find myself in just this situation.  So I let a car go ahead (into my lane – I’m following the "rules" here, and being polite…) when suddenly I see that another car is trying to go ahead of me.   I politely continue on, because the "rule" is that it should merge behind me.  I already let a car go.  So there.  Well…  Next thing I know, "BEEP!!"  And what is it about someone unjustly beeping at me that just gets my adrenaline up???  Yikes!!!  So I "Beeped" back and sped up a bit to let the guy know I thought he was being rude and that I wasn’t going to let him in.  Well, let’s just say that things got ugly, to the point that the guy DROVE UP ONTO THE SIDEWALK to pass me.  And I felt myself wanting to deliberately crash into him.  Oh, boy, I haven’t been so angry in ages!!!  What the heck?!

Phew.  Well, the reality is, I should have realized pretty quickly that the guy was a total, insane jerk.  I should have just let him go and done some deep breathing.  Two of my girls were in the car.  I was acting like a jerk, too, in the end.  And it took me forever before I could stop shaking.  It is never worth it to put my girls in danger and it’s never worth it to argue with a maniac.  I was stupid.

Normally, I have a policy to just let rude/speeding/erratic drivers go ahead of me.  It’s not worth trying to get them to follow polite society.  They won’t.  And better that they are ahead of me, where I can keep an eye on them, anyway.  Hopefully a Police Car will see them and take them off the roads for reckless driving.  (Which is exactly what I ended up doing the other day – driving recklessly.  I have no excuse for playing into that guy’s game.)  I’m not sure where my brain went, but I hope it doesn’t happen again.  Ever.


Enter the Robin.  Sweetly searching for earthworms outside my kitchen window.  Suddenly, a Grackle swoops down from nowhere and runs at the Robin.  The Robin immediately runs off to another part of the lawn and quietly continues to go about its business.  There’s an analogy here.  I hope I can learn from it.

:::   Dang, I hate when I’m stupid   :::

“Thank You. Please Come Again!”

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Quoted from the automated parking fee machine…inside the Emergency Room.