After our Doctor’s appointment yesterday, Tater went from bad to worse.  We ended up at the Emergency Room with one miserable little girl.  Today is looking much brighter.  Painkillers are helping quite a lot, and I can say that this afternoon, for the first time in weeks, Tater is feeling well, and acting like herself.  (Long, Deep Exhale…)

Tater has wanted to stay close to me today.  Understandable, after yesterday’s trauma, and so sweet.  She brought the little rocking chair into the bathroom while I was showering this morning (Privacy?  What privacy?) but that plan was unsuccessful as she is too big for the chair.  There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, I’m sure.


Later on, Tater told me how glad she was that I was an At Home mom.  Me, too, Tater…Me too.  I just can’t imagine the additional stress we would have had if I was juggling a work schedule on top of all of this.  Or the guilt of having to leave her with a caregiver when she is wanting me so much today.  Phew. 

So, today is a quiet day, with a follow-up back at the Doctor’s (with reasonably good news for Tater.)  I am so grateful for the privilege of having access to a Doctor we like, know well, and trust.


:::   Everything’s Going To Be Alright   :::



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