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The Last of the Preschool Days…

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Dassa's Preschool Days are over.  Of all the girls, she was the one who I must say loved it the most.  She spent much of her day coloring, with some swinging and plenty of social interaction to boot.  I wasn't sure if she would be complaining once school ended and it was just the two of us at home.  Silly me.  We are enjoying each other so much (most of the time…Ha!)  There will never be another preschooler in this family, as far as I can tell.  That is a tough one for me, being as I am/was a preschool teacher in my "other" life, pre-kids.  Such a special phase of life, those preschool years.  Magic is real and anything is possible.

When asked about school, and if she misses it, Dassa will reply (with a heavy sigh), "I just don't like when it's putting-away time."  (That sentiment may also explain the constant state of my home.) 

Now, it is 'Putting Away Time" for Dassa's Preschool Days…



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It is such a bittersweet thing to watch your children grow.  We just sent out invitations for Pit~Pat's tenth (10!!) birthday party.  I can't believe my baby is entering double digits.  Next Fall, she will enter Middle School.

Of course ten doesn't mean the end of childhood.  (Phew!)  There are still the occasional tea parties:


Though other important events are taking place in her life as well.  Just last week, Pit~Pat had her first belt test and received her yellow belt.

There was a moment of meditation before the belts were awarded:


Pit~Pat receiving congratulations from the Master:


Group photo:


Pit~Pat was so proud, which was written all over her dear face.  I love that.


The “Circus Pose”

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Quick, Mom!  Take our Picture!


Three Mothers…

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…on Mother’s Day.



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I was going through my junk mail folder the other day (just in case…) while Pit~Pat and Tater happened to be in the room.  I had to laugh when I saw that an on-line personals company was sending me an email stating that "someone special" was looking for me.  Of course, Tater and Pit~Pat had to know what was soooo funny.  I explained to them what the message was about.  Big Mistake.  Here’s what I was subjected to:

Tater: Who would want to date you?!?  You’re MARRIED!  And you have three kids!!

Me:  Well, the married part is  a problem…

Pitter: (interrupting) And you have moles removed!!!

:::   Great pep talk, girls…thanks a bunch   :::

Spring Karate Tournament

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This past weekend, Tater participated in her third karate tournament.  There was some pretty stiff competition this time around…Tater did so well and had a great time.  She even took home a trophy for Sparring – Third Place!




Congratulations, Tater!!  :o)


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My baby turned five on May 4th…


She just loved her balloons:


There was lots of help opening presents:


Dassa is finally an official "Hittygirl"!!!  Here she is with Hitty Veronica, her first Hitty:


What fun it was to be able to carve her a doll (and paint it with "fancy" shoes and socks at Dassa’s request!)  Hitty Veronica has already had several adventures.  :o)

Later, a party with the Grandparents:


It is a skill to look cute while everyone is singing "Happy Birthday":



Making wishes:


Happy 5th Birthday, Dassa!