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When I say “No”

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Pit~Pat had her 10th Birthday Party at the Karate Dojo.  What fun!  I must say, I didn't really know what to expect, but the girls had a ball and they learned some cool stuff, to boot.

Before the actual Karate began, Dassa had all the girls following her for a "warm up."  They had so much fun, I began thinking she probably could have run the entire party herself!


Sensei Paul lined them up for some Karate:


Pit~Pat got to be out front.  My SHY Pit~Pat!!!  She was fantastic…and she LOVED it!  Boy, have we come a long way!


There was board breaking, which was tough to capture with my camera, but here's Sensei Paul telling Dassa what to do:


And there was a "yin-yang" ice-cream cake:



That picture above is sooooo cute!  I love happy girls!

Pit~Pat doesn't turn 10 "officially" until mid-July…but it is important to celebrate with friends before everyone is away for the summer.   She is already asking what we will be doing for her real birthday…

I love you, Pitter!

“Sweet Mabel’s Bakery”

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There is a new bakery opening on the Street Level of Miss VanDroo's townhouse.  Sweet Mabel is working away, oh so busily, trying to get things in order.  But oh, there is so much to do.  The bakery is, at this point, a "Blank Palette."  Sweet Mabel won't get overwhelmed, though.  She is energetic and enthusiastic.  Oh…and sweet:


Mabel has been interviewing prospective employees forever, it seems.  She has finally hired two of the sweetest little duckie elves, Kookaburra (in blue) and Griffin.  Of course they must be sweet to work at Sweet Mabel's Bakery, right?  Here they all are, discussing what needs to be done:

All is progressing nicely.  Sweet Mabel has some plans for her bistro table and chairs.  She is off to work on that project.  Gosh, I do hope she knows what Kookaburra and Griffin are whispering about!


Father’s Day…And More…And More…

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Father's Day…Though the weather was cloudy and drizzly, we took a walk in the woods at a place we had never been.  Dassa and Pit~Pat did a scavenger hunt.  All was well and good until the mosquitoes attacked.  That's when the glum faces start appearing in the photos…after, we had a nice dinner at one of Dan's top choices.  A pleasant day.  :o)






*****     *****     *****

The following day was an adventure WAY out of my comfort zone.  We went with friends to the Swan Boats in Boston.  The girls had a wonderful time romping about the Boston Common.  We saw ducklings, a pair of nesting swans, and one of my favorite bridges ever.  (Make Way for Ducklings gets it all so very right.  It's fun to see the sights for real after reading the book.  Then we come home and read it over and over again.)











The Swan Boats made for a nice, simple outing.  Enough for me, and let's get everyone home before they are tired and cranky.  Short and sweet is my motto.  Okay?  Okay.  But…."It's still early," says my friend.  "Let's see if we can find the Children's Museum.  The children will love it and we can spend the rest of the day there."  Huh?  The rest of the day?  I'm fried.  I want to go home, where things are cozy and there aren't so many PEOPLE.  I am not adventurous, and I don't need to fill our days with constant activity.  So, as my friend is off asking someone for directions, I am at the beginnings of a full-out panic attack.  (Can you say agoraphobic?)  How do I get myself out of this?  HELP!  Anyway…I pretend I am calm and off we go.  After nearly mowing down several pedestrians, we make it to the museum.  The girls and friend have a grand time.  Dassa is *thrilled* when she makes it the entire way to the top of the gargantuan climber.  (After several failed attempts.  That thing is at LEAST three stories tall!)  The big girls are having fun…all is well.  And I survived a WAY too busy day.  PHEW!





This is what all four children did all the way home:


     *****     *****     *****

Monday was the first *Official* day of Summer Vacation.  Since it was a waytoobusygetmeouttahereiwannagohome type of day, the girls didn't really feel the full effect of our Summertime *rule*.  But Tuesday morning, it hit.  No television until dark.  So instead of three couch potatoes, I found this:




Surprise, surprise…I know I've learned this lesson before.  :o)

     *****     *****     *****


Hey, Wait!  You can't substitute the computer for the television!!  And who the heck taught DASSA to use the computer, anyway??!!??  I want answers, people…

Busy, Busy…Oh, So Busy…

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Pit~Pat’s Fourth Grade Chorus Concert happened last week.  (Tater had her Sixth Grade Chorus Concert the week before but…ahem…someone forgot the camera.)  It was a hot and long wait for the concert to start.  Dassa amused herself with photography:


She also figured out that I could take a picture so she could SEE THE BACK OF HER HEAD!!  Smart kid, that Dassa.  :o)


Pit~Pat was also made to wait, but up on stage.  She can fidget like a pro.  (The boys in the first picture crack me up.)










There was some singing, too.  Pitter even had a “solo” along with some other children.  Sweet, dear girl, my Pit~Pat is. 


Oops…more waiting/fidgeting/giggling:






Being on stage is exhausting.  Oh, no wait…the picture below is from the night after her first (ever…lot’s of “ever’s” these days…) campout last weekend.  Or was it something else that tired her out?  Can’t quite remember, this child has been so busy.  How sweet that she climbed on her daddy and conked out.  We figure she hasn’t done that for years:


Pit~Pat moves on to Middle School next year.  These are her last Elementary days…ever.

*****     *****     *****

Yesterday, Pit~Pat had her “Gymboree Day” (Field Day) in near 100 degree weather.  Gasp.  Then, she went with her Scout troop to a local campground.  Gasp.  Sweat.  We picked her up, and Dassa made her first ever S’more.  Eating it on the way out, she exclaimed, “Why didn’t anyone ever make me one of these?  These things are DELICIOUS!”  So of course Mommy HAD to take a picture of her with her first S’more:


Which made me realize that I had my camera with me because I had intended to take some pictures of Pit~Pat and her friends at the campground.  Alas.  And Pit~Pat was already in the car.  Well, I took a picture of her happy, dirty face before she buckled up.  :o)  Dassa snuck her happy, S’more-eating face into the picture at the last second.  We all cracked up at the resulting picture:


*****     *****     *****

Then, since it was WAY too hot to cook (and Boppa is away), we took Pawbee out for dinner.  The girls lured her into a store after.  (Thanks, Pawbs!  Hope you liked your dinner…sorry they were out of salad.  Hey – what kind of place RUNS OUT OF SALAD??!!  My turkey burger was tasty, though.)





By the end of the evening, Pit~Pat was “headaching” and dehydrated and exhausted.  Needless to say, she is home today…ah, the price we pay for fun.

*****     *****     *****

It is to be close to 100 degrees again today.  Heat wave.  EEEEEWWWW.  I’d best go start up the air conditioner…

A Visit with Hitty…the Clothespin Challenge!

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Hitty Adora sits the Bittys down and reads to them.  When she is finished with the story, she explains to them about the Hittygirls Clothespin Challenge.  The Bittys are so very excited to join in the fun and make some clothespin dolls!  They have art supplies, fabric, little scraps of lace, and glue.  "All we need to get started is a clothespin or two," says Hitty Adora. "So, let's go find some clothespins, and meet later."   Hitty Adora is pleased that the Bittys listened so well.  She is certain that their clothespin activities will be successful.  And that is saying a LOT.  (Especially when Bitty Pipah is involved.)


Hitty Adora sits in a quiet spot, waiting for the Bittys to come back with their clothespins.  Bitty CCC comes first.  "I found a clothespin, Hitty Adora.  Do you think it will do?"  Hitty Adora knows how timid CCC can be, so she is sure to examine CCC's clothespin carefully and exclaim over how wonderful it is.

June 2008

Suddenly, there is a loud racket.  The other Bittys arrive with THEIR clothespin.  "We decided to work as a team!" shouts Pipah.  "What do you think, Hitty Adora?!?!?"  Poor Hitty Adora.  She excuses herself for a moment, muttering something about finding Miss VanDroo.

June 2008 008

~ I wonder if that is a good idea? ~