The weather here has been beautiful for the past few days.  We're enjoying our last official weekend before school begins.  Yesterday was grand.

Tater and I did some carving together on the front stoop (with Dassa playing with her hamster…and singing the entire time as she often does.)  I took a few carving breaks to read to Dassa.  Carmine is her current favorite:


Soy *Cheeze* pizza for an early lunch:


We drove to Pawbee's house to pick up Pitter from an overnight…


We had what is likely our last swim of the season:



The girls made a *wave* pool:



Then, time was up…Dassa really has enjoyed the pool.  Not quite swimming yet, but maybe next summer… 
Of the three girls, she was the one who was the most sentimental about our last swim:


There were plenty of signs of Autumn along the way home.  Even the angle of the sun's rays shouts, "Summer's ending!  Autumn's coming!"
Some red leaves:


…a mowed hayfield…a wonderful smell!


There's a chill in the air at night.  I love it.  Autumn is my favorite, and when Summer shows signs of ending, my spirits always lift.  However, this year I am simultaneously holding on to Summer for my life, as I know in a few days ALL three girls will be off to school…


I have big plans to organize and clean, some fun sewing projects to keep me busy…and I think maybe I'll just keep on carving…

Back tomorrow with the penultimate Nitty~Gritty post.  Sixteen weekdays seemed like forever when I started.  I can't believe there are only two left.

And the *babies* are doing fine, as is the bite that "hamster-momma" gave me yesterday.  Life, indeed, carries on…


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