A Tale of Two Schools…

Yesterday was the first day of school.  It was Pit~Pat's first day at Middle School…and Tater's first day upstairs at Middle School.  Pitter was nervous.  But she insisted she wasn't.  Tater was and remains concerned about homework.  But, off they went yesterday, decent breakfasts eaten, teeth brushed, new backpacks at the ready:


It's so nice that Pit~Pat has Tater for moral support.  And being the big sister that she is, Tater is full of advice.  Off they went:


Meanwhile, it was Dassa's first day of Kindergarten.  I have never seen a child so excited.  Sure, she had her fleeting nanoseconds of anxiety, but they were fleeting.  While preparing for school, she was flitting around the house, a bundle of backpack-wearing enthusiasm.  "I love growing up!!" she exclaimed.  Dassa just had to pack her backpack, like the big sisters:


And, off she went (though Dan and I got to come along…)


While Mrs. KLB talked to the grownups, Dassa got to color.  An entire series about a brother scaring his sister.  Hmmmm…  She was the first to present her teacher with a drawing this year.  How cool is that?!  (Not the scary series, thankfully, but a sweet pet-store drawing she had made at home…phew!)


Upon their return from school, Tater and Pit~Pat gave rave reviews.  Middle School is done well in this town and their resulting enthusiasm reflects that.  Thank goodness.  After dinner last night, we had our annual "School Bus Cake."


Yesterday was exciting, but today?  Even more so.  After the big girls were off to school, it was Dassa's turn.  It is her first real day at Kindergarten.  Bus, lunchbox and all!  She didn't want to eat breakfast.  It would make her late.  She didn't want to use the bathroom.  It would make her late.  Drink all her milk??  That would make her late.  Finally, she couldn't take it anymore.  "Can't we just go early??!!"  Which we did:


And there goes my baby:


Her first school bus ride.  My funny girl's main focus was getting her seat-belt buckled.  Ummmm…Dassa?  What about the un-buckling part?  I have visions of her being stuck in that seat and riding around all day…


Now what?


One Response to “A Tale of Two Schools…”

  1. You did such a great job on this, Martha. The girls are certainly growing up and it is so nice that they like school. I am sure that Dassa will be the star of the kindergarten.
    Now about that backpack–it looks huge. How can that dear little girl carry it? Of course, knowing her, she WILL carry it no matter what.

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