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A Visit With The Robertson Hittys…

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It all started with the passing out of gifts.  Hitty Jean just couldn't believe that after so much time planning her trip and knitting shawls, hats and mittens for the Robertson Hittys, the time to present them had come.  The Robertsons squealed with delight over the mittens.  Hitty Jean was so pleased with how grand they all looked in their new knits:

The Robertsons Seemed Pleased with all Hitty Jean's knitted gifts! 

Hitty Belle loved her new sweater so much that she wouldn't take it off.  She even wore it during the Hitty Club luncheon!  Hitty Jean understood completely.  The Robertson Hittys had presented Hitty Jean with a new dress which she absolutely adores:

Hitty Belle even wore her sweater during lunch!  

After that first busy day of gift~giving and Hitty Club, as well as dinner out and much chatting, the Hittys were getting tired.  Hitty Robertson was preparing the bedroom for sleep, and Hitty Jean tagged along.  Hitty Jean couldn't help but envy all the wonderful dolls and stuffed toys in the Robertson Hitty's bedroom, but how on Earth could a Hitty even fit into a bed so full of toys?!

So many, many toys! 

Before bedtime, Hitty Jean was given the traditional *photo op* in Twin Manor's Entrance Hall:

Hitty Jean couldn't help but wish to see more of Twin Manor...

The next day, Hitty Robertson and Hitty Jean went through some fabric.  They had fun selecting some for Hitty Jean to take home.  Hitty Jean is hoping to learn to sew herself some dresses.

This brown flatters your complexion, Hitty Jean 

Hitty Jean met Hitty Pat and Hitty Bee, who introduced her to the family pets:

Hitty Jean loved the little ones as much as the dogs 

There were so many Hittys together, and so much chatter.  But there is someone else who lives at the Robertson's who is not a Hitty, and that is Gretta.  Hitty Jean found her to be very shy and worried that Gretta might be feeling left out.  It turns out that Gretta was just waiting for the Hittys to leave the room, so  she could have the candy corn and toys to herself!

Gretta seemed so shy... 

Hitty Jean had to get up very early on the day of her departure.  So early, in fact, that she did not expect anyone else to be awake.  She quietly dressed and went to the kitchen for a drink.  To her surprise, Bécassine was there!  She had prepared a wonderful breakfast for Hitty Jean and insisted she sit down and eat:

Now Hitty Jean, one must not fly on an empty stomach! 

While Hitty Jean sipped her coffee and nibbled on a bagel, Bécassine cautioned her about airport safety and instructed her to call when she arrived home.

And whatever you do, DON'T talk to strangers! 

Hitty Jean had had great fun with the Robertson Hittys.  Such kind and hospitable Hittys they are.  Hitty Jean is sure she will miss them very much, but also hopeful that she will visit again…someday.

It was a quiet flight home 

However, if the Robertson Hittys find out what Hitty Jean did when no one was looking, she may not be invited back.  She can't help but feel a pang of guilt about her naughtiness.

But that's a tale for another day…



Four Days of Non-Stop Fun and a Cosy Bed Too!

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It is special indeed when you go to visit friends and you are immediately comfortable and feeling at home.  That is how it was with this visit.  It was a visit with two friends (one of whom I'd never previously met!) who were the most hospitable hosts and who made sure I maximized my potential for fun!!  :o)  Boy, did we ever!  I got to attend HITTY CLUB which was truly a dream come true.  So many Hittys to see and hold at the same time.  Amazing!   Below is the lunch table centerpiece.  Hitty Jean was thrilled to participate:

So Many Beautiful Hittys at Hitty Club! This is the centerpiece.

I finally experienced the Waterhole for myself.  Yum!  I ate at a restaurant frequented by my Great-Grandparents, Grandparents and Parents.  (Four generations!)  I got to play with the most beautiful collection of Hittys.  I sewed a dress!!!  (At Hitty club.)  I made a doll!!  (She's cute, too!!)  And I had at my disposal the most beautiful dollhouse imaginable.  At the flick of a switch, I could light it up and stare for hours.  (Which I did…it was located right outside my room!)  I loved peeking in the windows:

Through the window...

We laughed and took pictures (though not enough!) and we ate…and ate.   We fixed Hitty Primrose's arm.  Okay, I say *we* but I just watched!  The entire four days was a gift.  (The airplane ticket WAS a birthday gift from my parents – thanks Mom & Dad!!)

Hitty Jean's quiet and calm nature kept me uncharacteristically at ease during the flight.  (Really, it is true!)


I usually have trouble sleeping in a *strange* place – at least on the first night.  That was not the case here…not at all!  (Maybe it was the lack of my little ones climbing in beside me in the wee hours?)

My Cosy Room 

Well, at any rate, I am home again, and my girls are very happy about that.  Dan too!  Now, I'd better get a move on.  I have to help Hitty Jean knit up some mittens to go with all those hats!

Flowers and Little Woolen Hats…

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The late September flowers are going strong in my garden:



I guess they are trying to ignore Autumn as long as possible:



I want to say that the Zinnias are my favorites, but I think I love them all:



I'll be away for a few days, and I hope that some flowers will still be around when I return. 


Still, if Hitty Jean's activities are any indication, frost is most likely on its way.  Soon.  Hitty Jean has been in a knitting frenzy.  When she finishes another hat, she adds it to the lineup.  I am enjoying the way they look on my mantle, but I'm sure Hitty Jean has other plans for them.  (I think she is waiting for me to sew together that cardigan.)

September is full of Birthdays!

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My Dad's on the 19th (which he shares with Rachel Field!!) and Mémé's on the 20th.  Then mine, on the 22nd (today!) and Dan's on the 23rd.  Yesterday, we had a get-together to celebrate.  Tater and Dassa helped to blow out the candles (we each had our own candle *patch*) while Pit~Pat snapped the photo:

Happy Birthday to Us! 

Today is not only my birthday (thanks, Dassa, for broadcasting my age at the bus stop this morning!) but the Autumn Equinox.  The huge Maple tree out back is dropping its leaves, as if on cue.  Just what I ordered!

Hospital Room with a View…

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Mémé (Dan's mom) has been in the hospital for the last several days.  Luck was on her side, as her artery was 99% blocked, but no heart attack.  Phew!  She had two stents put in.  She is recovering and will go home today.  Yesterday was her birthday.  Mémé has declared that this year she gets to pick an alternate day to celebrate.  Of course.

The hospital's 8th floor view was *incroyable* :


And below – not a hospital room, but a Hitty room.  I've been hard at work in Hitty Jean's bedroom Hitty Jean has been hard at work in her bedroom, making things just so:


Wouldn't mind a night there myself!

Yonder, through the trees…

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Look!  Saw this in the wee morning hours when I took the dogs out:

Evidence of Autumn

Autumn is truly upon us.  I can tell by the suddenly *chilly* weather we've been having, the sweaters we've been wearing, and the hot chocolate the girls have been drinking.  And now…the trees are turning!!  Yippee!!

I ♥ Autumn

Friday Night at the Kindergarten Picnic…

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This year is our last….Kindergarten Picnic, that is.


I'd say about 90% of the families had the same picnic food as us:



Dassa loved every minute of it:


If it was up to our little Kindergartener, we'd still be there…