A Visit With Hitty…Hitty 8 Is “Educated” And Is Looking For A New Home.

When Miss VanDroo first saw Hitty 8, she knew she was a special Hitty.  Though undressed and chilled and seeming a bit out of sorts, Hitty 8 had a sparkle in her eyes:


Miss VanDroo immediately sent for Hitty Jean, who found Hitty 8 a beautiful dress to borrow.  Hitty 8 seemed quite pleased:


Then, Miss VanDroo gave Hitty 8 sewing lessons:


And she read to Hitty 8.  All the important literature that a *proper* Hitty should read.  Hitty 8 especially loved hearing Miss VanDroo's tales of her childhood in Belgium.  Hitty 8 began to wonder…would she someday have tales to tell?


Next, Hitty 8 was given an apron and sent to the kitchen, where Hitty Fairlight taught her some basic cooking skills she had learned this summer.  Hitty 8 was a bit overwhelmed, as Hitty Fairlight knows so much about cooking.  Will Hitty 8 ever know even half as much?  She sure wants to try!


After a rest, Hitty Apple took Hitty 8 out for a walk.  Hitty Apple loves to talk about the outdoors.  As a Naturalist, this is Hitty Apple's specialty.  Hitty 8 felt right at home in the garden:


After picking some seed pods for Hitty Apple's collection, Hitty 8 and Hitty Apple sat down for a chat.  Hitty Apple told her tales of faraway islands and of a place called Oklahoma!  Hitty 8 was inspired by all she had learned and was longing for more adventures to call her own (for this day had truly been her first adventure!)


Hitty Apple took Hitty 8 back to the kitchen, where Miss VanDroo had a nice glass of milk and some treats for Hitty 8.  Hitty 8 also enjoyed the art books left on the table by Hitty Jean:


"There is so much to know," thought Hitty 8,  "And, it seems there are so many adventures to be had.  Oh, how I wish for some of my own."  Hitty 8 sat and wished for a very long time:


*I hope her adventures start soon* 
Hitty #8 is for sale on eBay - auction running Friday, September 5 through Friday, September 12.  Thanks!


One Response to “A Visit With Hitty…Hitty 8 Is “Educated” And Is Looking For A New Home.”

  1. I looooooove how you beautiful blog looks!! Did you change it to grey? Love it!
    As for this girl, oooo, tempting! I will spread the word!! xoxo

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