Sweet Babies

We were finally able to hold the hamster babies.  I say finally because watching these naked pinkies get cuter and fuzzier day after day for two weeks is torture.  All anyone wanted to do was hold them.  There was a little scare there when we discovered one had *lost* a foot.  But all went smoothly from then on, and anyone I've consulted with isn't surprised in the least that said de-footing took place.

ANYWAY…holding the babies was fun!  We were warned that they would be skittish and possibly nippy.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  They were sweet and adorable.  And cuddly.  And did I mention sweet?

Pit~Pat hasn't truly had a hamster to call her own for the almost three weeks she's had them.  And she has been so very (surprisingly) patient.   But why, when she can finally play with them, is she crying?


I know, she's trying to smile for the camera, but really she is crying.  Because "Stumpy" is her heart's desire.  And it turns out that "Stumpy" is a boy hammie.  Boys live alone, so she can only keep one.  *Sob*Sob*  All three girls, actually, were crying.  And for a brief nanosecond, I pictured myself with hamster cages all lined up in the livingroom. 

Yesterday, I came to my senses and I took two babies and their (pregnant!) mommy back to the store.  And even though we still have three hamsters in the house, it was surprisingly bittersweet.  The girls didn't even flinch.  ???  I guess they were used to the idea by the time it happened. 

Finally, Pit~Pat has her own (three-footed) hamster.  Meet ♥Stumpy♥:



3 Responses to “Sweet Babies”

  1. Oh hamster love!! What a cutie. Can you imagine, lining up all those cages if you had kept them all?? Hamster Mama, hee hee 😉 My sis had a hamster named Bruno, who had no enough button when it came to munching. He munched so much he got larger and larger and larger. Until one day, he got stuck in his little tunnel toy thingie, and well, he went to hamster heaven. it was a sad day… Oh sweet lil’ guys… Hugs, V

  2. They are sooooo cute.

  3. What a sweet story. So like a child, too, to want to keep the one missing a foot – my daughter would be the same I’m sure. My very favorite (and first) hamster was named Pandora.

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