What started out as a quiet evening…

…spun wildly out of control when Pit~Pat came running into the house, hysterical.  Our little dog Jax had been attacked by a neighbor's new dog.  He is pretty bad.  We spent our evening at the vet's.


Poor Jax is in sugery this morning.  He'll need some care this week, but he'll be okay in the end.  The neighbors returned their new dog.  So sad, we all are…


First, Hamster Babies…Now this.  Is someone trying to distract me from the fact that my own *baby* just started Kindergarten??!?? 

To lighten things up, here she is at the fair this past weekend:


And time marches on…


One Response to “What started out as a quiet evening…”

  1. Hope Jax is on the mend now. There’s nothing sadder than a hurt pup.

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