The Beauty of Busy Parents…

…is a child suffering from *benign* neglect.  What to do?  Entertain yourself, of course:

It sure took mom long enough to notice... 

Thanks to some heavy rain, the driveway has turned to mush:


Perfect for a 5 year-old who is hanging outside with her *busy* parents:


It's at about this time that her nose itched…what to do, what to do?!


She kept this up for a good hour, until eventually she was completely covered.


Then, her ♥nice♥ momma took her inside for a warm bath.


One Response to “The Beauty of Busy Parents…”

  1. Ooh looks like ooey gooey five-year-old fun!
    I just nominated you for a blog award over at my site.
    Have a great day.
    P.S. such great photos!

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