Four Days of Non-Stop Fun and a Cosy Bed Too!

It is special indeed when you go to visit friends and you are immediately comfortable and feeling at home.  That is how it was with this visit.  It was a visit with two friends (one of whom I'd never previously met!) who were the most hospitable hosts and who made sure I maximized my potential for fun!!  :o)  Boy, did we ever!  I got to attend HITTY CLUB which was truly a dream come true.  So many Hittys to see and hold at the same time.  Amazing!   Below is the lunch table centerpiece.  Hitty Jean was thrilled to participate:

So Many Beautiful Hittys at Hitty Club! This is the centerpiece.

I finally experienced the Waterhole for myself.  Yum!  I ate at a restaurant frequented by my Great-Grandparents, Grandparents and Parents.  (Four generations!)  I got to play with the most beautiful collection of Hittys.  I sewed a dress!!!  (At Hitty club.)  I made a doll!!  (She's cute, too!!)  And I had at my disposal the most beautiful dollhouse imaginable.  At the flick of a switch, I could light it up and stare for hours.  (Which I did…it was located right outside my room!)  I loved peeking in the windows:

Through the window...

We laughed and took pictures (though not enough!) and we ate…and ate.   We fixed Hitty Primrose's arm.  Okay, I say *we* but I just watched!  The entire four days was a gift.  (The airplane ticket WAS a birthday gift from my parents – thanks Mom & Dad!!)

Hitty Jean's quiet and calm nature kept me uncharacteristically at ease during the flight.  (Really, it is true!)


I usually have trouble sleeping in a *strange* place – at least on the first night.  That was not the case here…not at all!  (Maybe it was the lack of my little ones climbing in beside me in the wee hours?)

My Cosy Room 

Well, at any rate, I am home again, and my girls are very happy about that.  Dan too!  Now, I'd better get a move on.  I have to help Hitty Jean knit up some mittens to go with all those hats!


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