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Pumpkins to Jack O’Lanterns

Posted in Uncategorized on October 30, 2008 by Hitty Jean

The lineup:


What am I supposed to do with this?!?

Pumpkin Guts 

Pumpkin top:

Amazing stuff 

Pretty cool to look at, eh?

Scientific Observation 

Safety Inspector:

Jax makes sure we're practicing safe carving techniques 

A sketch is imperative:

I would like mine to look like THIS please... 

Pretty festive, I'd say:

Front Porch 

Someone is getting very excited:

One more day! Yippee! 

Now, we just need tomorrow's weather to cooperate, and we'll be all set!


A Visit With Hitty…Where Are All The Acorns?

Posted in Uncategorized on October 29, 2008 by Hitty Jean

What a blustery day!  Hitty Jean has been out on a hunt, of sorts.  She has been gone a while, and she is getting chilled.

It is so windy and cold today! 

Hitty Jean found plenty of kindling, but she was unable to find the other supplies she was looking for.  At any rate, it is time to go inside and warm up.

What is going on? Where could they be? 

Once settled, Hitty Jean goes into the livingroom to speak with Miss VanDroo.  "Where are all the acorns?!" Hitty Jean exclaims. "I have been outside hunting for ages, and this is all I was able to find!"  Miss VanDroo is mystified as well.  (Hadn't there been loads and loads of acorns last Autumn?)  She suggests Hitty Jean try the Internet.

This is all I found! 

Hitty Jean settles herself in the kitchen with her laptop and a nice snack.

Let's see...Google...Acorns. That should do it!

She looks up "Acorns" and finds out many interesting facts.  Such as:

*There are over 450 varieties of Oak trees.
*Oak trees require twenty years (!) and possibly up to fifty years of sufficient nutrients before they will produce their first crop of Acorns.
*Once on the ground, an Acorn has about a 1/10,000 chance of becoming an Oak tree.
*It is possible to make an Acorn Whistle!
*Acorns were used as a substitute for coffee during the American Civil War.
*Every 3 to 7 years, an Oak tree goes through what is known as a Masting Cycle.  This is when an Oak will produce a massive crop of Acorns.  There are many factors that influence when a Masting Cycle will take place.  On "off" years, few acorns are produced.

Well, Hitty Jean's project with the Acorns will have to wait until another Masting Cycle.  Hitty Jean lets out a disappointed sigh.  Now what?  Suddenly, she is surrounded by Bakery Elves!  They need help!  Desperately!

Hitty Jean! It's an OUTRAGE! Help us! 

Hitty Jean listens carefully as they explain their *situation* in detail.

And then...and then... 

I wonder if she'll teach them to use the laptop?

Goals Met, Cooked Lobster and a Little Knitting, too!

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Quiet reflection after a two hour test...

Tater and Pit~Pat worked so hard for the latest Karate Test, which took place on Saturday evening.  Pit~Pat's goal was to skip a belt – something which isn't taken lightly at the Dojo – and boy, she was determined.  There was lots of extra practicing and extra classes.  Tater also had to work hard, for she was testing for her green belt – a big deal as she's getting *up* there.  Pit~Pat is on cloud nine – she did it!  Tater is pretty pleased as well.  Congratulations, my sweet wee girls!

Goals Achieved 

          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥

Dassa brought me this picture the other day.  "This…is how lobsters cook," she informed me in an extremely knowledgeable tone:

How Lobsters Cook 

Well knock me down with a feather!  I didn't realize this was how it was done.  My Dassa is the smartest little girl.  Ever. 

          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥

This morning, I drove out to visit my mom.  We've both been under the weather of late – my mom has shingles, of all the icky things – so we just hung out, talked about Christmas gifts for the girls and chatted.  We also worked on some Hitty-sized knitting:

Knitting for Hitty 

We have fallen in love with a brand of sock yarn called Koigu.  It is all wool and knits beautifully.  It isn't cheap, but Hittys don't need much and my mom and I share our skeins.  The *real* girls want me to knit them each a hat.  I can't wait for the yarn and the pattern to arrive!  For now, the Twins want capes…so more Hitty knitting.


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Kookaburra and Griffin are in a snit.  Birdie has been languishing for days and days on Etsy:

Poor Birdie! It's been days! 

I have suggested we wait and see.  There must be someone else out there who needs a wee little duckie-elfin-creature to come live with them.  We mustn't be too greedy.

I've been told I have until Sunday, then they ask the Hittys how to use the computer.  Uh, oh…


Lovely Miss Vanessa was playing with my banner and has super~colorized my little hats!  I love it!  Thanks, Vanessa!

Yay! Daddy’s Home!

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(The Paparazzi was there to greet him at the shuttle…)


I often catch myself complaining that if I'd just go away for a few days, everyone would notice how hard I work and appreciate me more.  Well, call me humbled.  Dan has been away since Sunday, and boy did we miss him!  And do I ever appreciate everything he does around here:
*Wood for the woodstove has to be cut down with a chainsaw.  (Not fun.  Pretty scary, to be honest.)
*Geriatric dog needs to go out round-the-clock.  Dan has night duty.  (Not fun.  Exhausting, actually.)
*Feed the dogs.  (P.U.)
*Make sure above mentioned geriatric dog takes her medicine – 4 different kinds – twice daily.  (I learned some new tricks with this one…)

*Garbage patrol.  (Yuck-o.)
*Grocery shopping.  (Okay, that actually was fun, but I hadn't done it in ages.)
*Being a dad and doing what dads do.  (Ummm…I'm a mom, so I can't be a dad…)

The dogs were thrilled to see their *person* again:


So, wow.  You won't hear me walking about grumbling that I'm the only one who does anything around here.

***At least not for a couple days***

A Moving Target and a Special Snack…

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I happened to have my camera next to me when Pumpkin was plopped in my lap.  Awww…so cute with her little white feet (even though she is a…ahem…rodent).  I figured I'd take a few pictures for posterity:

Hi there! 

Trouble is, Pumpkin is waaaaaay to busy to pose for me, leaving me with very blurry pictures of those sweet little feet:

I'm too busy to pose, lady! 

Ah, well…
Yesterday we made a special after-school snack, inspired by the Pumpkin Festival we attended on Sunday.   Pit~Pat's caramel apple and hot chocolate were much more cooperative and sat still while being photographed:

Special Autumn Snack 

Late afternoon in Autumn is so beautiful.  Everything turns that beautiful golden~sunshine color.  It was nice to be snug at home yesterday afternoon, with no plans and nowhere to go.

Sweet Pitter

'Twas a happy day…

First Frost…

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It came in the night, but it was mild.  The Zinnias made it…phew!  The house is cold – no heat on and my fire~maker is out of town.  Guess I'll be lighting the woodstove myself after I return from the market.

It was a lovely Sunday, recuperating from all the excitement of the Halloween Party.  I met many new friends and visited so many beautiful blogs.  I'll have to add some of those to my sidebar soon….

Anyway…we got into gear slowly yesterday…there was some Yo-Yo making:

Yo-Yo Maker 

And a new Teddy~Bear was created:

Teddy Bear Maker 

Wish I'd gotten a photo of the finished product.  Dassa was so pleased with the new bear she made, that it went immediately into her backpack.  (There's rest time at school, you know…one must be prepared!)

After dropping Dan off at the airport shuttle (he's on a rare business trip…eek!), we stopped by the "Pumpkin Fest."  The local farm stand does this every year and donates all proceeds to the elementary school of your choice.  We always try to buy our pumpkins there:

This one! 

There's lots of stuff to do.  Pitter enjoyed Dassa's antics on the *bouncy castle*:


What I want to know is:  When did Tater and Pit~Pat grow too old for the bouncy castle??!

There were all kinds of wonderful displays using gourds.  This was my favorite:


All afternoon, it grew colder and colder.  By the time we finished our first ever candy apple (who knew they were that good?!) we were frozen.  So nice to go home to a still-alive fire in the woodstove.

Today…it is cold!  The house is quiet again.  I got the bulbs planted this morning…just in time, I'd say…
Later, I'll figure out firestarting 101.  For now, the sun is warming things up nicely.  I must hurry and finish my errands.  I'd much rather be home…

Martha Ann Grier aged 9yrs 

A little embroidery by the woodstove later?  Yes, that sounds like a good plan…