Spring-ish Art…in October

Ah, the trial and tribulations of living with three budding artistes.   We go through reams of paper in a flash.  Pens and pencils are never where they should be – unless you consider the floor where they *should* be.  This morning, a bottle of white-out had spilled (and dried) on the wood floor.  Dassa's new strategy is to get a "Honkin' pile of paper" and sit in a cosy chair with a pen.  She draws for hours.  It is wonderful, except for the part where she finishes her drawing and throws it on the floor.  This goes on and on as the floor is covered with her drawings.  Yikes.  It gets to be a lot of paper.  When she's not looking I go through them, recycling or saving as the case may be.  Sometimes I find gems like this, drawn yesterday:

Fall is a time for...Spring Pictures! 

I love that kid.  I love her art.

*Hello right back at-cha*

One Response to “Spring-ish Art…in October”

  1. adorable!! you can’t help but smile and wave back.

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