It was a busy weekend.  We were at Pawbee's on Saturday.  There was a knitting lesson:


Tater finally got the casting on thing, with only a little help:


My other student was a little *slower* but called later to tell me she got it too!  (Yay, Mom!)

We visited with GG for a bit:


GG is full of questions for us, and she always asks them in an accusatory tone, like we're trying to pull one over on her.  The conversation went like this:

GG: Who sleeps in that bed?
Pawbee: Hazel, your roommate, sleeps there.
GG: Who is Hazel?
Pawbee: She's the one who sleeps in that bed.
GG: What bed?

I couldn't help but laugh.  At 101, she's had most of her wits about her up until around 6 months ago.  One thing is for sure though, GG is still feisty!

           *****           *****           *****

Sunday was full of at-home loveliness.  The girls were busy all morning making dioramas…A dinosaur (Dassa), a school (Tater) and a mouse house (Pit~Pat.)  While they were busy with paint and scissors and sculpey, I was wiring the Hitty House.  It looks fantastic and I am so proud.  Still need some more lights but I'm off to a great start:


It's impossible to tell, but the sconces above are scallop shells – to go with the slightly nautical theme I have going on in the Hitty Living Room.  (The Original Hitty has many seafaring adventures.)  That's Hitty Primrose up there.  Hitty Jean invited her over to show off her new electrical capabilities.  Hitty Jean is quite pleased:


The rest of the day was filled with doll play and lawn mowing…laundry and drawing…baking and chicken soup making…lots of coffee and a wood stove keeping us all warm.

Now it's Monday, and the house is an oasis of quiet.  Quite the contrast to yesterday.  I think I love it both ways…


2 Responses to “Weekend…”

  1. i know what you mean. it’s nice to have the house quiet after a noisy weekend, but after about 2 days of quiet i am ready for the noise again. the hitty house is adorable. great job on the wiring – wow i’m impressed. have a great day!

  2. Hello Miss VanDroo,
    Thank you for visiting Willow House and leaving a comment. I have been absolutely charmed and delighted by this brief visit to your blog and I will be returning when I have a little time to find out more about the darling Hitty.
    Carolyn x

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