It Started With A Container Of Strawberries…

They were in the fridge.  But in my home, if they sit in the plastic container in the fridge, no one eats them.  If I take them out, wash them, cut off the stems and place them in a bowl on the counter…*POOF*…they are gone.  That is what I did this morning.  I love to put them in the "Brugges Bowl" because it seems to me that it is perfectly suited to that job.  (I love the contrast of the grays and blues with the red of the strawberries.)  This morning, I stated my love for this combination to Tater.  Which somehow led us to create a still life.  Then of course, we had to take a picture:

Still Life as Photographed 

"I know!" Tater exclaimed, "Let's draw it!"  Which I responded to enthusiastically, leading us to these results:

Still Life in Pencil 

Still life in pencil by Tater, above.  Still life in crayon by me, below.

Still Life in Crayon 

And the strawberries?  *POOF*  They are already gone.

***♥*** And so another day off from school has begun ***♥***


One Response to “It Started With A Container Of Strawberries…”

  1. same thing happens in my house. wonderful sketches of the still life. what great artists you have!

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