Lost in the Crowds *or* a Visit to Salem

Dan chose Salem and he was psyched, so we were too.  We should have done our research. Who in their right mind goes to a place associated with Witches in October?  Turns out, just about everyone.  What was supposed to be under an hour's drive turned into more than two…most of it at idle speed.  Pretty scenery, though:


It seemed ages before we saw this:

Almost there... 

Finally, we found a (free!!) parking space and were ready for some fun.  You must wear a Witch Hat in Salem in October, if you want to fit in:

In front of the Witch History Museum... 

The lady in front of this store (below) yelled at us for taking a photo with her "friend."  Ummm…'kay…

I don't even like this photo. That red guy makes me uncomfortable. Bad Karma. 

The crowds were abominable (as if the traffic hadn't already warned us?)  Dassa wanted to see the "Witches House" we had seen from the car.  No WAY we were standing in any of the mile-long lines to see any *Witch* stuff.  She had a good, dramatic and Witchy snit about the *Witches House* – Big sis gave her a pep-talk:

Little Witchy needed a pep talk... 

Dassa cheered up quickly.  See, we had never told her we weren't going to see the *Witches House*…we just hadn't found "it" yet.  Ahem.

Not-So-Sad Witchy...Pretty Buildings...

We told her this was it:

Here's the Witch House! Yippee! 

Is it a sad statement that the commercial/fake Witch places had huge lines and the National Historic Site was virtually empty?  I think so.  Poor Dassa wasn't too impressed with the *Witches House* but she was satisfied. 

Now remember, I was still pretty upset about the lady who drove us away from her "Friend."  So, when we came upon this sailing vessel named "Friendship of Salem" – well, I gave a big "Humph."

Friendship of Salem 

Turns out you could tour it!  Well, this could be fun.  Oh, no…wait.  Closed.  Everyone is at the Witchy stuff.  Sigh… 

We walked out to the lighthouse.  I made the girls read the history markers on the way.  No Witchy stuff there:

Salem's Lighthouse... 

It's hard to smile into such a bright, Autumn afternoon sun:

Bright Sun!! Bright Sun!! 

This is much better:

That's Better... 

We headed back towards town:

Dassa hitched a ride... 

Dassa saw this and cracked up.  She couldn't WAIT to have her picture taken:

Happy Witchy! 

Pit~Pat too:

Witchy Witchy! 

By then, children were hungry and snippy.   We decided on a Pizza Place, and with a stroke of luck got there just before the crowds.

Outside again, we found the monument to Bewitched's Elizabeth Montgomery.  We had a good laugh while Dassa climbed up for a photo op.  She disappeared behind for a moment and all we could hear were grunts and groans as she struggled up.  She can be so funny, that little one:


Most of us fell asleep on the drive home.  It was nice to spend the day together…but next time, I vote for a hike.  In the woods.  Maybe a picnic?  Yes…that's more our style…


2 Responses to “Lost in the Crowds *or* a Visit to Salem”

  1. Beautiful photos and a really wonderful trip. I see the Hitty’s there too. It’s snowing right now at my house in Alaska lol..no sunshine like in your photos today.

  2. It looks as though Salem is very commercialised.

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