It is my first day alone in a while.  At first, I embraced it.  It is so rare for this house to be quiet.  But after lunch, I began to feel a bit uneasy.  Is there something else I should be doing?  The house is tidy.  I’ve practically conquered Mount Laundry.  I already went to the store for a missing suppertime ingredient.  Brought Tater a forgotten binder.  It’s awfully quiet around here…


Well then.  I’ll check my emails before I settle into a bit of knitting.  Nothing.  I look out the computer room window.  There’s a squirrel on my birdfeeder.  “Good Luck, Buddy.  This one’s squirrel proof,” I tell him.  Then I look again.  Sparrows.  Bah.  But I look closer…what’s that?  A WREN!!!  Oh, they are so rare around here, but there is one at my feeder!  It flies away.  A Cardinal shows up.  And now here’s a  Purple Finch.  Oh!  A Blue Jay!  What a mood lifter this is!  I love birds. 

You are so pretty...

And I have plenty to do before the girls arrive home, tired and frumpish and hungry, from school.  Yes indeed, there is plenty else I could be doing.  The uneasiness is Gone.  What was that all about, anyway? 

* Thanks, birds…for your inspiring presence *


One Response to “Quiet”

  1. Oh that darling sweet bird. I miss them in the winter as in Alaska most of the birds migrate south.

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