First Frost…

It came in the night, but it was mild.  The Zinnias made it…phew!  The house is cold – no heat on and my fire~maker is out of town.  Guess I'll be lighting the woodstove myself after I return from the market.

It was a lovely Sunday, recuperating from all the excitement of the Halloween Party.  I met many new friends and visited so many beautiful blogs.  I'll have to add some of those to my sidebar soon….

Anyway…we got into gear slowly yesterday…there was some Yo-Yo making:

Yo-Yo Maker 

And a new Teddy~Bear was created:

Teddy Bear Maker 

Wish I'd gotten a photo of the finished product.  Dassa was so pleased with the new bear she made, that it went immediately into her backpack.  (There's rest time at school, you know…one must be prepared!)

After dropping Dan off at the airport shuttle (he's on a rare business trip…eek!), we stopped by the "Pumpkin Fest."  The local farm stand does this every year and donates all proceeds to the elementary school of your choice.  We always try to buy our pumpkins there:

This one! 

There's lots of stuff to do.  Pitter enjoyed Dassa's antics on the *bouncy castle*:


What I want to know is:  When did Tater and Pit~Pat grow too old for the bouncy castle??!

There were all kinds of wonderful displays using gourds.  This was my favorite:


All afternoon, it grew colder and colder.  By the time we finished our first ever candy apple (who knew they were that good?!) we were frozen.  So nice to go home to a still-alive fire in the woodstove.

Today…it is cold!  The house is quiet again.  I got the bulbs planted this morning…just in time, I'd say…
Later, I'll figure out firestarting 101.  For now, the sun is warming things up nicely.  I must hurry and finish my errands.  I'd much rather be home…

Martha Ann Grier aged 9yrs 

A little embroidery by the woodstove later?  Yes, that sounds like a good plan…


4 Responses to “First Frost…”

  1. what wonderful photos. i am not really ready for the real cold yet. i am liking cooler. we have a woodstove at our cabin. i haven’t learned how to start it yet either. the way i see it, once i learn, then i will have another job and i don’t want anymore.

  2. Hi Martha
    It looks like you had a wonderful time at the Pumpkin Fest – what great pictures!
    I enjoyed your Hitty dolls – I remember reading that book when I was little. It was a favourite!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  3. What sweet girls you have Martha, nice to see little hands being kept so busy. I love those squash chickens. For a moment there I thought they were real. A very clever idea. Keep warm! Eli

  4. Pumpkins, candy apples and sewing–what a perfect way to enjoy the day! Sweet pictures of your girls:) Love the chicken gourds!

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