A Moving Target and a Special Snack…

I happened to have my camera next to me when Pumpkin was plopped in my lap.  Awww…so cute with her little white feet (even though she is a…ahem…rodent).  I figured I'd take a few pictures for posterity:

Hi there! 

Trouble is, Pumpkin is waaaaaay to busy to pose for me, leaving me with very blurry pictures of those sweet little feet:

I'm too busy to pose, lady! 

Ah, well…
Yesterday we made a special after-school snack, inspired by the Pumpkin Festival we attended on Sunday.   Pit~Pat's caramel apple and hot chocolate were much more cooperative and sat still while being photographed:

Special Autumn Snack 

Late afternoon in Autumn is so beautiful.  Everything turns that beautiful golden~sunshine color.  It was nice to be snug at home yesterday afternoon, with no plans and nowhere to go.

Sweet Pitter

'Twas a happy day…


4 Responses to “A Moving Target and a Special Snack…”

  1. Pumpkin is so cute!
    My daughter realy liked her.

  2. That does look like a lovely day. Pumpkin is very cute…
    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog

  3. Sending any caramel apples my way? Yum! I enjoyed your Halloween Parade and of course the ensuing voodoo plot!

  4. Pumpkin is so cute! Our hamsters were named Bubbles, “I” and “II”. “I” got eaten the day after Santa brought him for Christmas by our old dog, Spotley. Hence the need for Bubbles II !. Darling daughter you’ve got!

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