Kookaburra and Griffin are in a snit.  Birdie has been languishing for days and days on Etsy:

Poor Birdie! It's been days! 

I have suggested we wait and see.  There must be someone else out there who needs a wee little duckie-elfin-creature to come live with them.  We mustn't be too greedy.

I've been told I have until Sunday, then they ask the Hittys how to use the computer.  Uh, oh…


Lovely Miss Vanessa was playing with my banner and has super~colorized my little hats!  I love it!  Thanks, Vanessa!


3 Responses to “Outrage!”

  1. This post cracks me up! They are both SO adorable! I’m sure they’ll get swept up soon!

  2. Oh these little ones are cute. My Hitty book came today and I started reading it !! Oh I love it, tell your Hitty I’m reading all about her first hundred years. Check my blog too for posting of my doll house I’m going to furnish….yes I think I’m getting the ‘miniature bug!’

  3. I think he wants to live with your little guys…I know that’s what they’re hoping…I’m sure Hitty Jean will teach them how to use the computer.

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