Goals Met, Cooked Lobster and a Little Knitting, too!

Quiet reflection after a two hour test...

Tater and Pit~Pat worked so hard for the latest Karate Test, which took place on Saturday evening.  Pit~Pat's goal was to skip a belt – something which isn't taken lightly at the Dojo – and boy, she was determined.  There was lots of extra practicing and extra classes.  Tater also had to work hard, for she was testing for her green belt – a big deal as she's getting *up* there.  Pit~Pat is on cloud nine – she did it!  Tater is pretty pleased as well.  Congratulations, my sweet wee girls!

Goals Achieved 

          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥

Dassa brought me this picture the other day.  "This…is how lobsters cook," she informed me in an extremely knowledgeable tone:

How Lobsters Cook 

Well knock me down with a feather!  I didn't realize this was how it was done.  My Dassa is the smartest little girl.  Ever. 

          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥          ♥♥♥

This morning, I drove out to visit my mom.  We've both been under the weather of late – my mom has shingles, of all the icky things – so we just hung out, talked about Christmas gifts for the girls and chatted.  We also worked on some Hitty-sized knitting:

Knitting for Hitty 

We have fallen in love with a brand of sock yarn called Koigu.  It is all wool and knits beautifully.  It isn't cheap, but Hittys don't need much and my mom and I share our skeins.  The *real* girls want me to knit them each a hat.  I can't wait for the yarn and the pattern to arrive!  For now, the Twins want capes…so more Hitty knitting.


3 Responses to “Goals Met, Cooked Lobster and a Little Knitting, too!”

  1. Thankyou for the post, great that you have three daughters we have two and they are just the best.

  2. Great job girls!…Love the drawing!…Beautiful yarns…

  3. I’m having fun reading about Hitty’s adventures!
    Congratulations to your girls too!!

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