Halloween 2008

It's soooooo hard to wait.  First, a Princess must eat dinner.  Next, the sun must set.  Only then can a Princess gather her finest regalia and go Trick-or-Treating.  Alas, it's taking too long and the Princess is not amused:

I want my dinner yesterday. And make the sun set while you're at it. 

Almost, but not quite:

Halloween Sunset 

This is more like it:

Halloween Moon 

Presenting…Princess Dassa:

Ta daaaa! 

And Pit~Pat, the Official Candy Hander~Outer:

Pit~Pat wasn't planning to Trick-or-Treat...but changed her mind when her friends came by. 

Practice run:

I only bought candy I DON'T like this year. 'Twas a good plan. 

The Aftermath:

Princess Dassa has had too much sugar... 

Dassa had a ball Trick-or-Treating through the neighborhood.  At the last minute, Pit~Pat donned a mask and ran off to join in.  Lucky for me, Tater arrived home from the Karate Halloween Party and helped me with the last of the handing out.  So, for Tater, a first year of no Trick-or-Treating.  Pit~Pat did about half her usual. Dassa was thrilled to be Royal and collect a bag of candy.

Now the hard part: "Mommy, can I have some of my Halloween candy?"
Me: "No."
Yep…here we go again…


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