Sun Burn

One of our all time favorite books is Sun Bread, by Elisa Kleven.  I have read it to all three girls countless times.  They never tire of the story, and nor do I.  Elisa Kleven’s illustrations are whimsical and detailed.  You can look at them time and time again and still find new things.  I love that.  Dassa asked for a reading of Sun Bread yesterday:

Read to me! 

After I made a cup of coffee, we got down to business:

A beautiful, golden sun... 

See, there’s a recipe on the back to make your own Sun Bread.  I’ve been suggesting for ages that we try.  Dassa and I decided that yesterday was the day.  After mixing and  kneading the dough (and allowing it a first rise…this takes patience when you’re only 5) we shaped our sun:

I love to watch little hands at work 

Pretty cute, yes?  I must admit that we were pretty proud of our creation:

Time for the sun to *rise* 

Alas…despite a much shorter cook time than the recipe suggests, our sun still ended up with a tan that was waaaay too dark:

Sun BURN! 

Still tasty, though.  The recipe calls for an entire stick of butter (!) and three (!) eggs.  It makes a beautiful, golden dough (just like the book!) but we all agree that next time, we’ll use our old standby bread recipe – less cakey and more bready, which we all prefer.   I’m sorry we put this off…the next Sun Bread will happen very soon, me thinks.

Me: “Tater, why have we never made Sun Bread before?”
Tater: “We always meant to…”

Happy SUNday!


5 Responses to “Sun Burn”

  1. Yummy! I love to see the little day to days!

  2. That’s a lovely looking loaf – how fun! You’re making wonderful memories!

  3. This is GREAT! What a lot of fun. I’ve got to do this with the girls!

  4. That sun bread is wonderful Martha! I love it! I think I’ll order the bok for Christmas. My little chef would love it!

  5. Hilarious Martha. I love the happy face on the sun bread, he looks as if he has a toffee stuck in his mouth. My kids would have loved that but I know exactly what would have happened….they would have thought it too cute to eat so we’d have kept it. After a while it would have developed mould and then the kids would have cried because they didn’t want to throw it away. So when they were out of the room I would have disposed of it (very humanely) and told my kids a lengthy story about how it had wanted to go and live with its friends. Phew! very hard work my kids!!

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