Thought Processes and Divine Intervention

It's a beautiful day.  I thought I might ride my bike to the polls to vote.  As I showered and dressed, I thought about what a lovely bike ride it would be.  But I'm wearing a skirt today, and that might be awkward.  What if my skirt got caught in the spokes, or in the chain?  And where would I park my bike?  I decided that walking would be a better idea.  This is the first day since I've been ill that I have any energy.  A walk on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day would do me good.  But it's a long walk.  I don't want to wear myself out on the first day I'm feeling better.  Walking would take up most of the morning, and plus the long lines at the polls…Oh!  And I need to go to the bank.  It's silly to take the car out just to go to the bank.  If I drive, I can combine the trips.  I guess I'll drive and save myself the time and the trouble. 

Voting Day 2008 

The car battery was dead.

♥It was a lovely walk♥


2 Responses to “Thought Processes and Divine Intervention”

  1. your post made me laugh, the dough face in previous post is great fun. Pleased you have good weather ours is chilly and raining but cosy by the woodburner.

  2. Hi Martha. I was thinking about you all in the States on your election day. The news bulletins in Britain reported nothing else! Bet you’re all glad its over for another 4 years. Had to laugh at your planned trip to the polls to vote. Typical!! Just the sort of thing that would happen to me. At least the weather was kind.

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