In the Hills of New England…

What would cause three young girls to beg their parents (grandparents, too!) to drive them for hours:


and hours:


and hours – and that's after all the hours on the highway:


I'm only exaggerating a bit…seven and a half hours, total.  But why?  To the middle of nowhere, in the beautiful hills of New England.  Why?  Well, Uncle Andy and Aunt Carol live there, and they have….


(Excuse us a minute while we fetch one for show-and-tell)


Oh, my, that sure wasn't easy, but…


Poor *Cluckie* never knew the likes of such enthusiasm.  From all of us!  We LOVE chickens.



And yes, that is snow you see above.  Andy and Carol ordered a small flurry during our visit. 


Can someone please tell me what the heck is going on here?!?




*Cluckie* wasted no time getting as far away from us as possible.
Awwwww….Bye, Cluckie!


It was a great visit…also filled with hiking and eating and chatting – knitting talk for the women…who knows what the men were chatting on about…
We saw a porcupine up very close.  Darn cute.
But the main reason the girls wanted to go was to hold the chickens.  It was truly a memorable *Veterinarian's* Day.

***Thank goodness Uncle Andy was able to catch one for us***


5 Responses to “In the Hills of New England…”

  1. sounds like fun. There is a hawk who sits in the tree at our house always ready to pounce down on my neighbors’ poor chickens….

  2. What a wonderful day and gorgeous photos again, love the colorful jackets ! It’s funny I have a thing for chickens myself. I simply adore them and raised them years ago. Here in Alaska it takes a great effort and is very expensive plus in my subdivision we can’t have them…sigh ! I need to go hold someones chicken too !!

  3. wow that was worth the driving – thanks for sharing the journey!!

  4. Fantastic Martha. I love New England (though I’ve never been!) It always looks wonderful. I adore the girls ‘camouflage’ jackets!!! Such gorgeous colours, I haven’t seen anything like them here, they’re wonderful. The only place you’d lose site of them would be in a colourful flower bed. Are the chickens wild I wonder? If so the little black one seems very tame. I know what the girls will be asking Santa for this year, hope you have the coop ready!

  5. I love your girls coats. Oh please tell me where you found them!

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